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  • Fruit Fighter

    » Fruit Fighter

    Fruits beating up each other

  • Batman Hits Joker

    » Batman Hits Joker

    Hit Joker, Penguin, or Two Face to gain points.

  • Dragon Vector

    » Dragon Vector

    Take down mythical space enemies with the 5 elements or dragon snot.

  • Pedro Fly Catcher

    » Pedro Fly Catcher

    Pedro used to be a popular guy, partying always and everywhere. But he lost it all one day when his computer, which stored his address book, was infected by a virus.

  • Towel Fighter

    » Towel Fighter

    Beat your opponent in this locker room towel fight.

  • Walking Zombies

    » Walking Zombies

    In Walking Zombies game you will see lots of zombies in cemetery. Dead people appear suddenly and you have to shoot the dead people. If you don`t shoot zombies, you will fail. You have to be careful and very fast. Don`t forget the protection and first a

  • Neon 2.5

    » Neon 2.5

    Fast paced shooting action!

  • Beat the Cheese

    » Beat the Cheese

    Help Garfield beat this pesky little rats in his cheese.

  • Dad n' Me

    » Dad n' Me

    Destroy everything that come in your way!

  • Ling Yun

    » Ling Yun

    Fly and shoot the incoming flying enemies in this side view jet shooter.

  • Hulk Rumble Defence

    » Hulk Rumble Defence

    In this game you have to control HUlk and hold your position as long as you can, defeating the waves of enemies.Use all Hulk powers and skills to protect your base, collect LifeUps to heal your base, and destroy more enemies to unlock new Hulk Attacks.

  • Apache

    » Apache

    Mark the attack spots and then blow away enemy soldiers as you fire on them from the Apache chopper.

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