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  • Blinky's Quest

    » Blinky's Quest

    Help Blinky take back his planet. You must destroy all enemies in all 20 stages. The faster time you destroy them, the better score you get.

  • Interiors Hidden Objects

    » Interiors Hidden Objects

    Find out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image. Find them in short time to score more.

  • Lil Fighter

    » Lil Fighter newest games where yu have to beat up the bad purple guys.

  • Clear Vision 2

    » Clear Vision 2

    Accomplish various sniping missions.

  • Qwerty Warriors 2

    » Qwerty Warriors 2

    A new wave of enemy units is approaching your soldier. Just like in the previous episode, intelligence has done its job superbly. Every enemy unit has been identified and tagged.

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  • Play ALIAS 2

    » Play ALIAS 2

    Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage, The Story Continues

  • Sniper:Demonic Osbournes

    » Sniper:Demonic Osbournes

    The Osbournes have gone demonic. So pick up your gun and shoot them down.

  • Gunny Bunny

    » Gunny Bunny

    Blast everything that comes in your way

  • River War

    » River War

    The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy bunker or all of the enemy`s unit. To select a unit, press the letter or number above it while on screen, If you wish to select a unit hold over shift key and the corresponding letter/number shown on the unit.

  • Time Mission

    » Time Mission

    Shoot the incoming enemies from all different times of the world. Upgrade weapons in shop.

  • Pit Dwellers

    » Pit Dwellers

    Shoot the scary creatures that are emerging from the pit. Careful, they`re coming up fast!

  • God`s Playingfield 2

    » God`s Playingfield 2

    The 2nd version offers you more interactive playing fields. Different actions and new powers. Looks, plays and sounds a lot better. Controls on : Mouse

  • Skull Fire

    » Skull Fire

    Harder than just walking and shooting, this game makes walking and running difficult. Figure it out.

  • Towers Tactics Aphelion

    » Towers Tactics Aphelion

    Create your player and kill all the enemies as you click on them and upgrade your character.

  • Transformers

    » Transformers

    Megatron and the deceptechonsis gonna steal 100 energon and you have to stop them.

  • Fairly OddParents: Guts 'n' Glory!

    » Fairly OddParents: Guts 'n' Glory!

    Wanda was swalled by Pappy, and now she`s stuck in his incredibly gross digestive system! Cosmo can`t seem to wish her out, so it`s up to Timmy to go microscopic and rescue her!

  • Momentum Missile Mayhem

    » Momentum Missile Mayhem

    Located in a canyon, your gravitational canon is the only defense against an enemy invasion. Enemy units come flocking in and itâââ‰â¢s your job to prevent them from reaching the end.

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