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    Andas Cake Decor is always Fun with an Interesting fact that one needs Patience with Creativity.Now Let’s Decorate the Dining with all interest and lift our mood for a wonderful Dinner.

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  • Playful Lad-Boy

    » Playful Lad-Boy

    Hey folks, here we are with another game under dress up category, now you are dress up a nice cute boy “Lad” to Variety of clothes and accessories are available for you to play and have fun.

  • Horror house escape

    » Horror house escape

    I trust that you are wondering where you are right now…you have arrived in a deadly place from where you can’t move out, since all your friends are trapped in a dangerous trap and the door is locked. The only way to overcome it and walk out the door with

  • Toy Factory Escape

    » Toy Factory Escape

    You have been chased by a cop of an Illegal Activity, to escape from them you get in to a Toy Factory and Get Lost. There is only one way out to escape collect the useful Items around you and use them appropriately to escape from the “Toy Factory”

  • Train Hijack Escape

    » Train Hijack Escape

    The Train You travel has been Hijacked demanding the Government to accept their unlawful terms its time for you to act smart to collect the Items around you which would Help you to escape from the terrorists.The First Move that you make is important any c



    We represent you an interesting new game about the popular superhero SpiderMan, produced on the motives of the popular movie of the same name. Here you will meet famous personage and pictures from the film which are to be put together from separate small

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  • Donnas Thanksgiving dress up

    » Donnas Thanksgiving dress up

    This girl is very conscious in her looks especially at Thanksgiving Party. So help her out and more over this is an extraordinary chance for you to explore your creative talents and check your dressing scene. We have provided you a wide range of dress and

  • Andas Cake Decor

    » Andas Cake Decor

    Andas Cake Decor is always Fun with an Interesting fact that one needs Patience with Creativity.Now Let’s Decorate the Dining with all interest and lift our mood for a wonderful Dinner.

  • Treasure Dream Escape

    » Treasure Dream Escape

    Hello Friend assume that you had a twisted dream where you have been trapped in a room.You goal is to find the treasure room.Use the object around the room ,manage yourself to find the way to the treasure room..Hope You can find it All the best.

  • Toy Factory Escape2

    » Toy Factory Escape2

    Escape the Toy Factory by collecting the required items and use it appropriately to escape from the factory . Be warned sometimes mismatch could keep your life locked inside All the Best

  • Penguins Polar Banquet

    » Penguins Polar Banquet

    Hi!!! Friends your goal is to help the Penguin who runs a Restaurantto make enough Money to build a new classy inn .Welcome a customerand make them seated to take the orders and Make sure to serve your Customers quickly to collect the money you must be fa

  • Tasty Breakfast

    » Tasty Breakfast

    Hey Kids Decorations have always been a wonderful hobby in our life here in this game you can have a lively experience decorating your tea table and gift your friend a royal drink Enjoy the colorful session.

  • Baby Daisy Bathing Time

    » Baby Daisy Bathing Time

    Baby Daisy Bathing Time is very cute free online game for little girls. This cute baby Daisy loves to spend lot of time in the water. She loves bathing. Now it is time for Daisy to take a bath. She is in the bath and she is waiting for bathing. So, your j

  • Tasty Crab Curry

    » Tasty Crab Curry

    Tasty Crab Curry has always been a fun on a rainy day here is a chance for you to decorate one with your flavor and make it the most beautiful one.

  • Magical room escape

    » Magical room escape

    Alas you have trapped inside a magical room and you got to escape from there asap by performing some magic’s and with the help of some objects found there. Have a miraculous time playing with us. Stay with us for more exciting escape games only at gazzybo

  • Quiet Elizabeth

    » Quiet Elizabeth

    Hello Kids color dress up treats you with a gorgeous Makeover Game “Quite Elizabeth” Make wonders with a range of makeup kits and enhance your Artistic talents.. Let’s make wonders.

  • Zoe Braided Hairstyles

    » Zoe Braided Hairstyles

    Zoe gets ready for the function and she wants to give a new hair style for her. Here are three different hair styles. Select any one hair style for Zoe which suits with her dress. Give your best!!!

  • Gazzyboy Jail Escape

    » Gazzyboy Jail Escape

    Lets Help Morgan to escape from the Prison, Morgan was been sentenced for a criminal act just after a day of his marriage he stays in prison for the Past 14 years and still his Prison period has been increased further for another 10 years now he Desires t

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