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  • Super Boxing

    » Super Boxing

    Fight like there is no tomorrow.

  • Play Safe

    » Play Safe

    Make sure that everyone are `playing` safe!

  • Desoilles Park

    » Desoilles Park

    Shoot the guys as they pop out from doorways in the hallway. Watch out for that reload time.

  • Metal Slug. Last Mission

    » Metal Slug. Last Mission

    A game that truly mimics Metal Slug games. Plays exactly like the real thing featuring great graphics and weapons. Amazing!

  • Eco Battler

    » Eco Battler

    This game is a simplified recreation of one my favorite horizontal shooters, Ultimate Ecology, a Japanese arcade game for CPS-2.

  • Naruto Star Students

    » Naruto Star Students

    Naruto, Sasuke And Sakura must escort tazuna safely to his home in the land of waves.

  • Kids Next Door - Operation M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H

    » Kids Next Door - Operation M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H

    A battle Pod containing the delightful children from down the lane is racing towards headquarters. In order to intercept, the kids must launch M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.T.O.H ( Massively Oversized Super Quick Undercover Icy Treat Transport On Helijets). The success o

  • Speed X

    » Speed X

    Being on patrol as a future police cop has a lot of shooting involved. A fast side scrolling shoot em up flash game to play.

  • Tainted Kingdom

    » Tainted Kingdom

    A brand new strategy from the creators of Sonny.

  • Armed with Wings 2

    » Armed with Wings 2

    Embark on a journey to reclaim your lost throne, seeking out the 4 Blades of Eden. Its destructive power is the key to defeating the new emperor, Armed with Wings. Journey across 5 worlds, do battle with 5 bosses, seize the Blades of Eden and use its des

  • Play Little Shepherd

    » Play Little Shepherd

    Guide your sheep safely into the fences.

  • Jump to SKY

    » Jump to SKY

    Crazy robot wants to reach sky.It can`t fly but it can jump through to sky. Be carefull of angry birds and don`t forget to collect metals.You can buy upgrades with them and jump higher.

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