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  • » 3 Foot Ninja I - The Lost Scrolls

    On your quest to find your destiny, you`ll face many obstacles and many enemies. Use the power of your sword wisely and swiftly, for your enemies are numerous and deadly. Find the 5 lost scrolls of the elders. Beware of the many tricks of your opponents a

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  • Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled

    » Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled

    Play Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled game and save whats left of humanity, build and maintain your factories, perform research in your laboratories, deploy gun turrets to thwart mutated zombies and generate energy with your coal mines.

  • Crash Black

    » Crash Black

    Beat the crap out of the truck in the given time. Be quick and earn power boost.

  • Defcon Minus

    » Defcon Minus

    Defcon minus is a simple but addictive shoot em up game where you have to defend the planet from incoming bombs and enemies. Pickup special power-ups to gain more firepower.

  • Iron Man - City Flight

    » Iron Man - City Flight

    Fly over the city and destroy the meteor shower and the enemy ships that are terrorizing the population. You have to collect energy to charge your weapon and life to recover from the blows. Shoot against the enemies and avoid all obstacles.

  • Deadly

    » Deadly

    Cool dark sidescroller with a mean bear that has huge claws ready to take down the skeleton army.

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  • Invaders From Space

    » Invaders From Space

    1940`s film themed shoot em up game. The aim is to blast the aliens before they get you. Game instructions on : Use the left and right arrow keys to move your plane. Space or Enter to fire one bullet at a time. Destroy the aliens before the

  • Save Christmas

    » Save Christmas

    I know its June but we still need to save Christmas from the attacking penguins.

  • Rob Vs. Bob 3

    » Rob Vs. Bob 3

    Shoot the monster in his brain to win. Can you win before getting smashed?

  • Perim Protector

    » Perim Protector

    Protect your territory against invading monsters.



    Defeat all enemies that comes in your way. Stay alive for as long as possible.

  • Xiao Xiao 6

    » Xiao Xiao 6

    Take control of this stickman and finish the game.

  • Vindex Gladiator

    » Vindex Gladiator

    Fight enemies in RPG turn style attacks as you manage your health and who you attack.

  • Rage 1

    » Rage 1

    This is endless killing action! The first part to the amazing Rage series will blow your minds with great action from a stickman. This is the best stickman game ever! Have fun!

  • vintage room escape

    » vintage room escape

    Imagine yourself to be inside a vintage and got trapped there and you really want to move from that place. Have fun.

  • Sea of Fire

    » Sea of Fire

    Build your base and destroy you opponents base!

  • School Wars

    » School Wars

    It`s getting tactical now. In School Wars you have to command your troop. Capture the important squares, grow the team and fight hostile groups.

  • Super Natural: Devil's Gate

    » Super Natural: Devil's Gate

    Shoot all those Devil`s gate symbol.

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