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    You are the squirrel who must take out the attacking zombies. Use your gun to shoot the zombies. Take cover when necessary to avoid the zombies that shoot at you. As you complete each level you get a new gun to use.

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  • Space Reaction

    » Space Reaction

    Lead the Nurion Empire to Victory against the Yuri in this simple chain reaction game. Inspired by Circle Chain

  • Tommy Gun

    » Tommy Gun

    Survive the streets filled with mobs!

  • Crazy Flasher 2

    » Crazy Flasher 2

    An awesome sidescrolling action game with punching and limited shooting.

  • Mascot Kombat

    » Mascot Kombat

    Blood makes the grass grow. If you`re tired of the usual game, why not choose their mascots instead and assist them on their fight towards becoming the ultimate mascot of all time!

  • Dangerous Voyage

    » Dangerous Voyage

    Sidescroller action game of jumping and dodging. Can you handle all the action this game throws?

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