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  • Boy and Girl Fortress

    » Boy and Girl Fortress

    It`s battle between a boy and a girl. The girl is throwing rocks while the boy is throwing shoes.

  • Overkill Apache 2

    » Overkill Apache 2

    The Apache is back and more powerful than ever! The side-scrolling shoot `em up sequel gives your more levels, more enemies and more weapons.

  • Play Cat Bat

    » Play Cat Bat

    Get rid of the unwanted cats from the castle by coaxing them safely out of the walls using a basebal

  • Shuriken Escape

    » Shuriken Escape

    Your goal in this fun little game is to survive as long as possible to show your ninja abilities.

  • Cursed Winds

    » Cursed Winds

    Fire your cannonballs at other ships as you try to destroy all other ships. Earn money and upgrade.

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  • Frogger Classic

    » Frogger Classic

    Excellent remake of the classic arcade game.

  • De-animator

    » De-animator

    Shoot all the zombies before it reaches you!

  • Brainz

    » Brainz

    Shoot the zombies as they come after you and as you earn enough to get better weapons.

  • Mission Mars

    » Mission Mars

    Level the city to land your spaceship

  • Play Tiny Combat 2

    » Play Tiny Combat 2

    Protect your base from all the incoming soldiers.

  • The Descent

    » The Descent

    Climb walls and ledges as you drop down and kill the blind monsters. Don`t let them kill you first!

  • Vigilante Cop

    » Vigilante Cop

    Your only mission is revenge. Your only weapon is your anger. Play Now!

  • Parking Valet

    » Parking Valet

    You are a valet driver in a hotel; your duty is to park the customers’ cars in their respective lots. In the second level you have to deliver the cars safely to the space provided. Avoid scratching the customers’ cars or else you will fail. Park the cars

  • Zombieman

    » Zombieman

    Shoot all the zombies that move to turn them to humans. Turn into zombie and infect humans.

  • sift heads street was-prologue

    » sift heads street was-prologue

    You can download the first game of this new series here: Or play it now by following the link: Description: Vinnie is back and sif

  • Ruler of Sword

    » Ruler of Sword

    Battle the enemies as they get harder and harder in each new arena. Don`t let them recharge!

  • Power Swing

    » Power Swing

    Swing and punch the baseball to the 2nd player or computer player to knock them off the mountain.

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