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  • Kill H1N1

    » Kill H1N1

    Ever heard about this small Virus A - H1N1 ? We hope itís not coming to your country !!! lol A big viral hit game from your Canadian friends! kill_h1n1_150x150 With all this craze surrounding the A H1N1 virus pandemic it was only a matter of time before w

  • Castle Cat 3 - The Las Vegas Connection

    » Castle Cat 3 - The Las Vegas Connection

    Another adventure of Castle Cat, this time its in Las Vegas!

  • ATV Race

    » ATV Race

    Complete each level as fast as possible. Collect bonus items to gain more score points.

  • Mister Shuster

    » Mister Shuster

    Jump over spikes and gather items.

  • Jungle Master

    » Jungle Master

    One Day in the jungle something terrible happened! Some mean bad turtles ate all the fruits.

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  • Ank Coin

    » Ank Coin

    Collect as much as possible coins in this simple platform game just for fun. Don`t run out of time and avoid all the spiked cactus and creatures then get for the highest score. Left Right Arrow = move Up Arrow = jump P = pause

  • Super Chick Sisters

    » Super Chick Sisters

    Similar to Mario except with little chicklettes. Save the chicklettes from a KFC death!

  • The Lost Minis

    » The Lost Minis

    Grab the lost mini M&Ms. Jump on bugs to kill them, complete each level after all minis are found.

  • Kingdom of Gold

    » Kingdom of Gold

    Stand on switches to open gates as you jump over openings and try to avoid spikes.

  • Santa Rockstar

    » Santa Rockstar

    Prove your guitar skills in this awesome guitar battle against the Grinch. Press 1-5 to pick the strings, hit ENTER to strum the guitar and press SPACE to activate Fever Time mode.

  • The Sailing Cat

    » The Sailing Cat

    Move the float of this nice little cat so that he can arrive until his friend. Avoid to collide with any balls and floaters.

  • Entropic Space

    » Entropic Space

    Take up the mantle of the Planetkiller! Smash planets for fuel while avoiding astral anomalies in this exciting arcade game! Use your thrusters and deflector wall to smash planets in your crusade to rid the universe of intelligent life! Watch out for blac

  • Super Mario Flash 2

    » Super Mario Flash 2

    Guide Mario through Goomba valley, Pipe city etc confronting the redesigned classic enemies!

  • Storm Chasers: The Chase

    » Storm Chasers: The Chase

    Acquire visual data of direct tornado impacts with the on-board camera probe.

  • Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    » Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    Guide your chicken to the worms in a frogger type game.

  • Revenge of Jin - Xon

    » Revenge of Jin - Xon

    Help Hunny bunny get back her love from the clutches of evil. Time is running out so make sure you hurry up.

  • 3D Frogger

    » 3D Frogger

    The classic Frogger game gets a new dimension in this 3D version. Get the frog into the caves avoiding the dangers.

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