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  • Zoe At Mask Party

    » Zoe At Mask Party

    Zoe is invited for grand Masquerade Ball Party. It`s time to show off your designing skills. Prepare Zoe for the Masquerade ball using colorful, shiny and beautiful masks. Design and make some colorful mask. Also donít forget to add the final touch using

  • Image Disorder Kate Winslet

    » Image Disorder Kate Winslet

    Academy award actress imgaes needs to reorder and see her beauty shine.

  • Sort My Tiles Asterix

    » Sort My Tiles Asterix

    This comic strip needs to be sorted out correctly.

  • Peppy's Keanu Reeves Dress Up

    » Peppy's Keanu Reeves Dress Up

    It`s time for the One to start dressing up.

  • Flintstones Slider

    » Flintstones Slider

    Flintstones Slider is very fun sliding game. In this game you have to make this interesting puzzle. There is an image of the Flintstones family. When you click on play button the image will split into little pieces, now they are mixed. You have to put the

  • Dance with Barbie

    » Dance with Barbie

    Do some killer move with Barbie.

  • Slumber Party

    » Slumber Party

    This cute little girl is having a slumber party. She invited all her friends to sleep over and she needs your help in choosing the cutest pijama for that.

  • Eva Mendes Makeover

    » Eva Mendes Makeover

    Give her a nice and sexy makeover and get hitch.

  • Super Mario-Pop The Enemy

    » Super Mario-Pop The Enemy

    In this game your task is to pop the Mario`s enemy. Both Mario and enemies are dodge you from the pit, you need to aim and pop within the time limit and also reach the target to move on to the next level. If you hit the Mario, you score will be decrease.

  • Makeover Glue Winter Time

    » Makeover Glue Winter Time

    Try to get a nice makeover this winter season.

  • Mini Paint 3

    » Mini Paint 3

    Color and give life to this cute ballerina.

  • Ninja Power Attack

    » Ninja Power Attack

    Help ninja to throw shuriken at the groups of 2 or more same colored blocks and earn points. Strike out all the blocks before hitting ninja or else you`ll lose the game. Don`t throw shuriken at the single block else you`ll be reduced by 25 points

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