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  • Abyss: Give Him a Monter

    » Abyss: Give Him a Monter

    Whack the ogres coming towards you.

  • Play Los Simpsons

    » Play Los Simpsons

    A shoot em up game featuring the Simsons. Shoot everyone that moves, except for Homer and Maggie

  • BD 2 Monster

    » BD 2 Monster

    Shoot down the monsters before they destroy your base. Upgrade weapons to stop them at all costs.

  • Urban Wizard

    » Urban Wizard

    Slay or shoot down all the evil warlocks that are trying to kill you. Everytime you finished an opponent a new one seems to fall down from the sky. The background music will put you in the right mood.

  • Turt Trooper

    » Turt Trooper

    For obscure reasons, turtles are on the warpath. Don`t trouble yourself with the why, focus on the WIN! w00t!

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  • Village Defense

    » Village Defense

    Your objective is to defend the city at all costs by arming and placing the citizens to attack the undead.

  • Baruto

    » Baruto

    Fight the monsters as you punch, throw Chinese stars, and vanish. Includes power attack!

  • SOL Dawn

    » SOL Dawn

    Customize your character in this RPG game as you pick a custom power and go exploring.

  • Play Jungle Escape

    » Play Jungle Escape

    Can you escape the jungle?

  • Zombie Storm

    » Zombie Storm

    Zombie Storm is completely addicting shooting game fun.The undead are causing the usual problems, and in Zombie Storm it`s time for you to step in and save the day. At your disposal is your trusty pistol, but soon you will upgrade to shotguns, machine gun

  • Private PWN

    » Private PWN

    Here`s the new monster-blasting game from the maker of Rage.

  • Super Heroes Tower Defence

    » Super Heroes Tower Defence

    Play with your favourite heroes in this Tower Defence game. Use their habilities and powers to defeat the enemies waves.

  • Heli Attack 1

    » Heli Attack 1

    This is the first of the successful series of Heli Attack. You must shoot down the helicopter chasing you or else you`d be gunned down to death. Good luck!

  • 3d Tanks

    » 3d Tanks

    Buy your ammo and go to war. Kill all the enemies.

  • Motel Madness

    » Motel Madness

    Move through the comic driven RPG as you make choices that will either keep you alive, or kill you.

  • Mutants 2

    » Mutants 2

    Your goal is to find out where are your other colleagues by searching through the forest and killing all the monsters to survive. Be careful because its gonna be really dangerous.

  • Alien Craft

    » Alien Craft

    Build your structures to build units to attack the enemy. Keep mining going to make money.

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