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  • Hollywood Revenge

    » Hollywood Revenge

    Help Brad get his revenge to thins annoying paparazzi.

  • Squirt Man

    » Squirt Man

    A nuclear war has devastated your once beautiful planet. The world has gone to hell, as have all life-forms. Everyone and everything has mutated into horrible horrible creatures. You too have been turned into a mutant, but with one notable difference - yo

  • Order to Go

    » Order to Go

    The town is infiltrated by rebels and it`s your job to to drove them away.

  • Wanted

    » Wanted

    Shoot the enemies as they pull up beside you. Dodge objects on the street.

  • Spaaarta

    » Spaaarta

    Kick as many of them as you can into the bottomless pit. Harder than it sounds.

  • Moto Rush

    » Moto Rush

    Drive your motorcycle down the street shooting enemies and avoiding their fire. Grab powerups!

  • The Village

    » The Village

    A fun and realistic game of shooting paint ball!

  • Hang Man Extreme

    » Hang Man Extreme

    Answer correctly or the stick man will die. Don`t worry he won`t be hung but instead there are a lot ways for him to die.

  • Baruto

    » Baruto

    Fight the monsters as you punch, throw Chinese stars, and vanish. Includes power attack!

  • Jump to SKY

    » Jump to SKY

    Crazy robot wants to reach sky.It can`t fly but it can jump through to sky. Be carefull of angry birds and don`t forget to collect metals.You can buy upgrades with them and jump higher.

  • The Lone Ninja

    » The Lone Ninja

    Kill the enemies that oppose your ninja greatness by throwing spear daggers at them.

  • Monster Mayhem

    » Monster Mayhem

    Fight against another player or the computer with monsters. Multiple difficulty settings.

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