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  • Smiley Energy Balls

    » Smiley Energy Balls

    Select the Smiley balls by clicking and dragging your mouse. Make an energy ball to appear by turning all of the sphere area into pink. Longer the link, higher will be your score. Make the energy ball to reach the end, in the sphere’s path. Longer links c

  • Drum Lessons

    » Drum Lessons

    Learn how to play the drum by doing what the drum instructor is doing.

  • Shopping

    » Shopping

    Are you one of those girls who relaxes by going shopping? Well that`s pretty dangerous for your VISA card but it sure is fun to go from shop to shop!

  • Peppy's Eva Longoria Dress Up

    » Peppy's Eva Longoria Dress Up

    Eva`s desperate to watch her hubby Tony`s game. So her her get the perfect outfit to inspire her hubby.

  • Image Disorder Hilary Duff

    » Image Disorder Hilary Duff

    Arrange the tiles to complete Hilary Duff`s image.

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  • Space Boy Dress Up

    » Space Boy Dress Up

    This guy is an astronaut and lives in a space station. Although he has no friends or a girlfriend, he likes to dress well.

  • Puzzle Mania Donald Duck

    » Puzzle Mania Donald Duck

    Fix the pieces exactly on the picture frame. Use mouse to fix the pieces. Click on the pieces to change its direction.

  • Peulrutiseuteu

    » Peulrutiseuteu

    The Princess wants to try her collection of dresses.

  • Cube Tema

    » Cube Tema

    Your goal here is to clear blocks by making two like colored blocks touch each other either above or below,left or right. Click one of the two like colored blocks to clear them. Diagonals are not allowed. Click Tema Tempe to create a new level of cubes. C

  • How to Make Cheese Mostaccioli Bolognese

    » How to Make Cheese Mostaccioli Bolognese

    A blend of Parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, mixed with ground beef and sliced zucchini make our version of baked ziti a real winner.

  • Sort My Tiles Bugs Bunny

    » Sort My Tiles Bugs Bunny

    Sort the tile for Bugs.

  • Alexa Davalos Dress Up

    » Alexa Davalos Dress Up

    An American actress. She has starred in several Hollywood films in the late 2000s, including Feast of Love, The Mist and Defiance.

  • Office Lover Kiss

    » Office Lover Kiss

    Can you sneak a kiss while your boss is not looking?

  • SpongeBob Crazy Ride

    » SpongeBob Crazy Ride

    Hi Friends! Your favorite cartoon hero “SpongeBob” came up with an interesting game. Help your hero Sponge Bob to achieve the given target. Collect all the items on your path it will increase your score. Be care full with flying obstacles, it will end you

  • Halloween Magic Fun

    » Halloween Magic Fun

    A cat and a dog go to a magician for a magic examination. You need to help them to perform the magic task properly to satisfy the magician, but if you do the magic in the wrong way then the cat or dog will change into an alien. So, remember the magic task

  • Dress Up Bikini Girl

    » Dress Up Bikini Girl

    If you don`t know what to wear to the beach, this game will give you ideas for hairdos, makeup and bikinis so that you will look great at every moment. Complete the model`s look with the most amusing accessories.

  • Lovele: Harness Style

    » Lovele: Harness Style

    See whats the latest trends in suspenders.

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