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  • Spin Doctor

    » Spin Doctor

    Fly and evade the spinning disc.

  • Hoverbot Arena

    » Hoverbot Arena

    A fast-paced shooter with multiple mission objectives and bosses. It`s a lot of fun to bounce around between the walls while blasting everything in sight!

  • WWII Trooper

    » WWII Trooper

    Fast paced World War 2 Shooter. Grab your gun and shoot your way through 20 levels of pure action.

  • Stretchy Man

    » Stretchy Man

    Stretch your arms and legs as you beat the crap out of your enemies until they explode. Includes

  • Play Strategy

    » Play Strategy

    Game similar to Risk

  • Bionicle Jaller

    » Bionicle Jaller

    Shoot the incoming underwater machines. Charge your weapon by holding down the mouse and scrap them.

  • Lt. Fly vs The Spiders

    » Lt. Fly vs The Spiders

    A puzzle game mixed with a shooter. Get bullets from the puzzle game to shoot the spiders.

  • Simpleton

    » Simpleton

    An updated version of the `Zombie Slayer` game. With a new name, music and more.

  • Absolute Zero

    » Absolute Zero

    Fly through space shooting down enemy craft with your lasers and use the tractor beam to rescue stranded astronauts.

  • Dragon hunt

    » Dragon hunt

    Hunt down the dragons before they roast you.

  • Spiderman - Save the Town

    » Spiderman - Save the Town

    The Green Goblin has cloned himself and is planing to attack the town.Help spiderman with his super powers to defeat the Goblin`s clones and save the town from all dangers.Defeat all the green goblins along 10 different waves. Get more points by getting

  • Turret Defence 2

    » Turret Defence 2

    Keep the incoming enemies at bay while blowing them and their vehicles away. Upgrade through shop.

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