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  • Play Doc Ock Rampage

    » Play Doc Ock Rampage

    Go on a rampage with Doc Ock and destroy everything in sight.

  • Street Fighter

    » Street Fighter

    See how many rounds you can make it!

  • Avoid

    » Avoid

    Avoid the electric letters! Game instructions on : Control the robot with your mouse. Collect batteries to keep your energy up.

  • Ronin Warrior

    » Ronin Warrior

    Hack and slash your way through endless waves of enemy footmen. These inbreeds know no honor, so you should show no mercy.

  • Sniper:Demonic Osbournes

    » Sniper:Demonic Osbournes

    The Osbournes have gone demonic. So pick up your gun and shoot them down.

  • Cowboy School

    » Cowboy School

    Train Your Aim and Shoot

  • Train Robber

    » Train Robber

    Evade the sheriff while robbing the train!

  • Under Wars

    » Under Wars

    Undersea Kingdom has been attacked by mutant fish. Help seahorse to defeat them!

  • Strike!

    » Strike!

    This is Counter Strike style game, but in 2D and a platform. Choose from Deadmatch or Capture the flag and eliminate all the enemies you can.

  • Guitar Nero

    » Guitar Nero

    In this game, when Aliens with an axe to grind attack, it`s up to Nero to save the day again. Luckily, our hero has own axe to grind...

  • Air Battle

    » Air Battle

    Physic based air shooter game. Fly around and kill bad guys in this addicting and really well made flash game. Game instructions on : Use all the arrow keys to move and your mouse to aim, left clik to fire !

  • Cronch

    » Cronch

    Go kick ass and shoot your opponent to win the game.

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