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    <div style=`width:600px; margin-left:30px`>This good looking Mario Flash game delivers a more fast passed arcade game play. The graphics are nice and the movement is smooth. The levels are not really related to the original game play so they feel kind of random. Use the arrow keys to jump and move around. Make it to the end of the levels and see how far you can get. A nice Super Mario flash game that will keep you entertained for some time.

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  • Hellgate Defender

    » Hellgate Defender

    Save the kingdom from soldiers who awoke from death. In here you will be a knight who assigned to defend the kingdom. Kingdom repeatedly attacked by soldiers who awoke from death so you must be a strong knight to block them enter the kingdom. Use special

  • Super Pico All-Stars

    » Super Pico All-Stars

    Choose your character and defend yourself against ruthless enemies. This is the ultimate Pico fighting game.

  • Grave

    » Grave

    Shoot and kill zombies everywhere.

  • Gunny Bunny

    » Gunny Bunny

    Blast everything that comes in your way

  • Maganic Wars 2

    » Maganic Wars 2

    Select a card by clicking on it and hit the center button to play it.

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  • Don't Kill Kenny

    » Don&#039;t Kill Kenny

    You can kill anybody except kenny.

  • Madness Regent

    » Madness Regent

    Blast through enemies and destroy the evil clown in this deliciously violent action platform. Move with the arrows, jump with S, and shoot with A.

  • Recess Rumble

    » Recess Rumble

    Time for recess, what better way to pass the time then to beat up other school children.

  • October Massacre

    » October Massacre

    You got a knife and you want candy. Kill the other kids and take their candy!

  • Sixty

    » Sixty

    60 seconds to shoot up as much as you can!

  • Alien Invasion

    » Alien Invasion

    Try to shoot the invading aliens before they land!

  • Germageddon

    » Germageddon

    Germs are invading your tiles! Only Altro WhiteRocks can help! Blast your rocks at the breeding germs before its too late! Cover the majority of the tile surface with WhiteRocks to proceed to the next level. But beware - you only have a limited number of

  • Tank Defense

    » Tank Defense

    The tanks are coming! Are you ready to defend?

  • Wanted

    » Wanted

    Shoot the enemies as they pull up beside you. Dodge objects on the street.

  • Dragon Ball 3

    » Dragon Ball 3

    You are Goku, a world martial arts champion. You must destroy the ships from the army of the red tape.

  • Crazy Hangover 2

    » Crazy Hangover 2

    You can download this funny game here: Or play it now by following this link here: Description: The funny sequel to our point and click game, that is funn

  • Twelve Towers

    » Twelve Towers

    In this side view tower defense the world has been conquered by the evil forces of Orgak. But one hero steps forward to reclaim the Twelve Towers and restore peace. Learn and cast spells, develop your hero`s skills, kill hundreds of foes, reclaim all twel

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