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  • Trouble Fright Club

    » Trouble Fright Club

    Kill 100 demons to call on your supernatural powers.

  • Quazl

    » Quazl

    The soul of Qualz`s girlfriend is stolen by evil spirits. Try to get her soul back in this adventure platform game.

  • Simple Tower Defense 3

    » Simple Tower Defense 3

    50 levels of an another tower defense game. Don`t forget to setup air attacking towers.

  • Counter Force

    » Counter Force

    Shoot the enemies with a pistol or a sniper rifle. Don`t let any get away as you move to new levels.

  • Kobalt`s Gold

    » Kobalt`s Gold

    Kobalt was enjoying the sight of the vast riches in his underground vault, when suddenly the demon Zebub appeared and stole all of Kobalt`s gold coins. Kobalt is on a mission to get his gold back as he battles Zebub and his minions in 25 rounds, culminat

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  • Barricade

    » Barricade

    Stop the falling bombs from passing through, build barricades to help.

  • Alien Craft

    » Alien Craft

    Build your structures to build units to attack the enemy. Keep mining going to make money.

  • Santa`s Lab

    » Santa`s Lab

    Help Santa to tag every present with the according ribbon. The game has 5 speed levels and the mistakes you are allowed to make are represented by the red hearts. You can have a maximum of 3 hearts. For each mistake you lose a heart, but for every present

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    » Mr and Mrs Smith

    The Smith`s house is under attack and it will a killing spree.

  • JVC Stinger Sniper

    » JVC Stinger Sniper

    The Stinger gang has taken over the city. Oh noes! You, my intrepid little sniper, will save us all. Shoot quickly and accurately, and try not to bungle the puzzle missions, mm`kay?

  • Encounter Specialist

    » Encounter Specialist

    Clean up the scum of the country

  • Create a Snowman

    » Create a Snowman

    Create a snowman with lots of holiday trimmings. Add eyes, arms and wacky accessories to your snowman, then send him along with a holiday message to your friends. Will your snowman be naughty or nice?

  • Desert Hunter

    » Desert Hunter

    Shoot any desert animals that move. All must die!

  • City Hunter

    » City Hunter

    Shoot all enemies that pops out in front of you.

  • Defend Your Mom 2

    » Defend Your Mom 2

    Punch all the ninjas that approach your mom. Don`t let ninjas hurt mommy!

  • Kill Fred Durst

    » Kill Fred Durst

    How much do you hate our good `ol Freddy boy of Limpbizkit. We`ll heres your chance.

  • Last Touchdown

    » Last Touchdown

    Power Max woke up in the morning and realized that he was late for the football final. The coach would be furious. Help Max get to the match and win the American Football Championship.

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