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    Legions of stick men are trying to get into your town. Every day there will be a new wave, which will increase in size. Protect your defenses, if they are breached you will lose. Earn money by killing stick men, then spend it on upgrades at the end of eac

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  • Crazy Amphi

    » Crazy Amphi

    Throw stuffs to people who are not listening amphi.

  • Turbo Tanks

    » Turbo Tanks

    In this free online action game, you`re in a tank and you have to drive your way threw the obstacles to get to the finish line. Don`t forget that you have health and time.

  • Kids Adventure

    » Kids Adventure

    Jump around platforms and beat this monster. Enjoy the adventure of young kid who is up to save the world.

  • Pucca: Runaway

    » Pucca: Runaway

    Your enemies are after you! Avoid their attacks by pressing the letter that corresponds with each person. Press Z for the ninja, X for the girl, and C for the boy. The faster you go, the harder the game gets

  • Tower Rescue

    » Tower Rescue

    Protect the tower from the bombs with the help of shield. Move the shield up and down to prevent the bombs and get more score. Achieve the target score before the time runs out and move onto successive levels. Each missed bomb may causes damage to your to

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