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    Collect as much as possible gift in this simple platform game. Don`t run out of time and avoid all the spiked blob and spiked ground and get for highest score. Left Right Arrow = move Up Arrow = jump P = pause

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  • 360 Breakout

    » 360 Breakout

    A 3D pong style game, but instead of being in a box its more like a circle. Kind a hard to get use to but not a bad game!

  • Grabrilla

    » Grabrilla

    drop all stone slabs in the upper part of the screen.

  • Copy Cat Jack

    » Copy Cat Jack

    Can you repeat the colors in order? In Copycat Jack you have to repeat the colors in the same order as the game. Game also uses animal sounds to reinforce memory.

  • Play Get A Grip

    » Play Get A Grip

    This game will test your keyboard coordination to the limit

  • BlobsTale

    » BlobsTale

    You are the magical shadow land`s last (and cutest) hope for containing the power of the falling star.

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  • Sweet Ride Skate

    » Sweet Ride Skate

    Ice Cream!

  • Starfrosch

    » Starfrosch

    Guide the frog through a fantasy world collecting stars and avoiding venomous flowers.

  • Play Bubbles

    » Play Bubbles

    Float around the sea avoid land mines pick up drugs other bubbles get bullet time and invincibility

  • Swap Job

    » Swap Job

    Swap adjacent faces to align sets of 3 or more. A winning set is 3 or more identical faces. Spaces turn yellow when faces are matched. Turn all space to yellow to win!

  • Play Katocan

    » Play Katocan

    Fly through space in your ship shoot down enemy craft avoid smashing into asteroids and other objects

  • Tom`s Adventure III

    » Tom`s Adventure III

    This Tom`s Adventure III game is a nice flash platform one. You must collect all the flowers for a girl but avoid her overprotective father and his dog. They are out to stop you! Game controls on Arrow keys to move. Space bar to jump.

  • Port Jumping

    » Port Jumping

    Race to the end of the level as you grab on crates to make it over them. Grab powerups to speed up.

  • Free Run

    » Free Run

    Forget trains, cars and crowded pavements! What if you could take the high road across the city jumping over roof tops?

  • Devils Advocate

    » Devils Advocate

    Try to survive out in space for as long as possible and destroy your enemies as you progress further.

  • Thin Ice

    » Thin Ice

    Frozone got his super-suit and is on his way to do some super-deeds! Help him maneuver through the roof tops of Metro City...

  • Shaun Of The Dead Game

    » Shaun Of The Dead Game

    Get ready for a bone-mashing good time where you have to kill the zombies with your favorite music collection.

  • Play Air Fight

    » Play Air Fight

    Fly your jet plane around and fight the intruders.

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