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  • Crazy Ambulance

    » Crazy Ambulance

    Drive as fast as possible! Press the left and right arrow keys to steer, Up and down keys to control the speed and Space bar to jump.

  • Sky Mazezz

    » Sky Mazezz

    Grab your mouse and stay focused as you guide the eye through many moving mazes. Dont hit the walls, it will make you restart the current level!!Use your mouse to click on the eye , then move it around on your screen.

  • Sonic in Mario World 2

    » Sonic in Mario World 2

    Multiple levels of playing as sonic in the Mario universe against Mario`s enemies. Crush them all!

  • Icarus

    » Icarus

    Play as Icarus, a foolish youth who flew too close to the sun and died on the way to his freedom.

  • Puk Pirat

    » Puk Pirat

    Grapple around the few levels as you try and grab all the icons on each level.

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  • Bubble Fairy

    » Bubble Fairy

    The devil has abducted your friend, a little fairy, and trapped her inside a magical bubble. Get her back to the fairy land to break the spell.

  • Mr. Danger

    » Mr. Danger

    Your goal is to reach to the other side. Use the platform as guide before you jump. Click and drag to draw a limited yellow line which serves as pathway Mr. Danger will slide on. Don`t make it too steep, he will fall through! Get points by collecting diam

  • Bombs Away

    » Bombs Away

    Live a normal day in a seagull life on a sunny beach and bother busy tourist along the way.

  • Adventures of Bibo 2

    » Adventures of Bibo 2

    Help Bibo with his missions!

  • Rhino's Rollerball

    » Rhino's Rollerball

    Roll Bolts sidekick Rhino the hamster in his ball as you grab stars and keys and make it to the end.

  • The Doors

    » The Doors

    Click to collect clues!

  • Terrace Escape

    » Terrace Escape

    While playing in terrace, you are trapped there. You will have to escape from the place by using objects which are present there.

  • Mr Piggy

    » Mr Piggy

    Mr. Piggy must avoid a gruesome death as he tries to rescue his sweetheart. Bacon.

  • Small Dragon Adventure

    » Small Dragon Adventure

    Collect food and avoid all obstacles.

  • SteppenWolf (Chapter 3 - Episode 2)

    » SteppenWolf (Chapter 3 - Episode 2)

    Parachuting into the Antarctic! SteppenWolf is closing in the Heruka! First he must steal frost jet and dodge snow mines at super fast speed while avoiding Donovan`s special agents!

  • Fish Hunt

    » Fish Hunt

    Complete a series of tasks to get to the gold fish bowl.

  • Kill H1N1

    » Kill H1N1

    Ever heard about this small Virus A - H1N1 ? We hope itís not coming to your country !!! lol A big viral hit game from your Canadian friends! kill_h1n1_150x150 With all this craze surrounding the A H1N1 virus pandemic it was only a matter of time before w

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