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  • Tower Up

    » Tower Up

    Build your tower to the skies and make money with help of your citizens. There are 2 types of floors in the game: residential (where your citizens live) and commercial (where they work at).

  • Thief Escape

    » Thief Escape

    You have 15 minutes to rob the house!

  • Clubby The Seal

    » Clubby The Seal

    Help a baby seal,little clubby takes his revenge on the locals....It`s Clobbering time.

  • Tails' Nightmare

    » Tails' Nightmare

    Play Tails Nightmare Game, with sonic the hedgehog no where to be seen its up to you to help poor Tails escape from this nightmare dimension.

  • Cooking Academy

    » Cooking Academy

    From eggrolls to creme brulee, prepare over 50 different recipes! Master the skills of chopping, flipping, frying, and more!

  • Scooby Doo - Terror in Tikal

    » Scooby Doo - Terror in Tikal

    Guide Scooby and Shaggy in another coolness-threatening adventure and collect some clues to solve the mystery behind the game. Are you willing to help them? Enjoy the game!

  • Exit 2

    » Exit 2

    Hop over the maze like platforms and find the key to the exit door, avoiding the various threats.

  • Thief Hunting

    » Thief Hunting

    You are controlling the prison were the notorious thieves are imprisoned. Suddenly some of them try to escape from the prison. Be a responsible prison guard and prevent them from escaping. Grab and drop the escaping thieves into the police patrol. In the

  • Nightmares: The Adventures 4 - The stolen Souvenir of Rob.R

    » Nightmares: The Adventures 4 - The stolen Souvenir of Rob.R

    Help Victor face his fears in the Land of Nightmares so that his night become restful again.

  • Rock Collecting 2

    » Rock Collecting 2

    Drive your buggy over jumps as you avoid obstacles and keep from falling down pits.

  • Mr. Moth Ball

    » Mr. Moth Ball

    Move and jump while navigating through this original platform game.

  • Lars Adventure

    » Lars Adventure

    Play a dude called Lars in this cute little platform game.

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