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    Sift Renegade features the Yakuza member Kiro, who is on a mission to seek the truth and take revenge! The game features multiple game play, and has an exciting and suspenseful storyline. Fight tons of enemies with your katana, escape from your assailants on a wild bike chase, or combat at close range with your shuriken stars!

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  • Ninja Rampage

    » Ninja Rampage

    Ninja Rampage is a superb action skill game and reminds a lot of Ninja Rinseout. Sneak up and attack enemies.

  • Halloween Adventure

    » Halloween Adventure

    A somewhat difficult Halloween action game. Time your jumps and actions perfectly or you may die!

  • Iron Man Numbers

    » Iron Man Numbers

    This game is based in the last Iron Man Movie. You have to find all the hidden numbers within the image.

  • Monkey Menace

    » Monkey Menace

    Shoot the monkey 3 times to bring him down and cut 3 ropes to rescue Maia!

  • Final Fantasy Sonic X5

    » Final Fantasy Sonic X5

    Help Sonic in his fight against the evil True Guardian. Can you win this fight with a seemingly impossible-to-defeat guardian? Good luck!

  • 3000 AD

    » 3000 AD

    - IMPORTANT NOTE: This game is huge, and you`ll see a white blank screen until it fully loads. We are working on fixing the preloader :) - Mech warriors, rejoice! An awesome mech game with a retro style that features fantastic power and game-play! - Ins

  • Zombie Arena

    » Zombie Arena

    Zombie Arena is an addictive shoot em` up with loads of upgrades, and of course Zombies! See if you can rack up enough kills to get on the high scores!

  • Cursed Winds

    » Cursed Winds

    Fire your cannonballs at other ships as you try to destroy all other ships. Earn money and upgrade.

  • Agent Cool

    » Agent Cool

    Fight off the alien invasion as Agent Cool.

  • Ninja Showdown

    » Ninja Showdown

    An awesome five level fighting game. Fight with your sword or leg; defeat your opponent to death.

  • First Person Shooter in Real Life 5

    » First Person Shooter in Real Life 5

    Shoot the monsters as you move through real life. Blast their heads open!

  • Foamworks Squirt

    » Foamworks Squirt

    Dirt monsters are taking over Foamworks factory and only you can get rid of them.

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