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  • Canyon Glider

    » Canyon Glider

    Run off the cliff and glide through hoops in your hang glider. Avoid rocks and Vultures.

  • Cupid In Love

    » Cupid In Love

    Catch the pink hearts in the jar as you avoid the black ones. Catch as many as possible.

  • Cupid's Challenge

    » Cupid's Challenge

    Push the heart to make it fall on a couple,to make them kiss. The one who pushes the heart first wins.

  • Harry Potter Quidditch

    » Harry Potter Quidditch

    Throw the ball threw the hoops without getting blocked by your rival.

  • Chicken Little Galactic Traveler

    » Chicken Little Galactic Traveler

    Help Chicken Little collect the panels A. when you have collected all of them, land on the platform to advance to the next level. Collect the panels in the proper order described at the bottom of the screen. But watch out, if chicken little`s spaceship ru

  • Roam And Protect

    » Roam And Protect

    You are the flying escort of a ground convoy. Protect them from the enemy till they reach the base.

  • Fighting Spirit

    » Fighting Spirit

    Fly the Red Fighter Plane and shoot down enemy planes.

  • Even Higher

    » Even Higher

    Cute hand-drawn jumper game. Climb to the stars in your Rocket using your Mouse and compete for high scores!

  • Spin Soar

    » Spin Soar

    Maneuver yourself around the asteroids that are hurling towards you.

  • Hanna in a Choppa

    » Hanna in a Choppa

    Can you pilot Hanna and her choppa through 21 unique levels? Only you can help her rescue people at sea, herd sheep, navigate inside a cement mixer, give a giant a haircut and more!

  • Global Rescue

    » Global Rescue

    Fly your chopper through various terrains, rescue hostages and destroy the enemy tanks and bases.

  • Super Pie Delivery

    » Super Pie Delivery

    Fly around with your jetpack delivering pies. Don`t get hit by those cars.

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