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    Sharn Yarn is an adventure game. Sharn got a task from his mother to collect all yarns on the park that shattered around there. Pick them as fast as you can within out of limit time, try to win on these 17 stages, have fun on this adventure games.

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  • The Great Candy Caper

    » The Great Candy Caper

    Help the ghost eat all the candy he can while avoiding enemies.

  • Mashhouse

    » Mashhouse

    Enter the cute but bloody world of Fuzzy McFluffenstein! Jump or roll by the ground. Watch out with this dangerous adventure!

  • Manhunt Flash Edition

    » Manhunt Flash Edition

    Your name is Cash and your target is to kill your boss but before you do this, you have to eliminate all guards, but be careful. Get out from their radar when they notice you and you`re safe. Just go sneak behind them to kill them, kill at least one of th

  • The Journey of a Service Droid

    » The Journey of a Service Droid

    Move in this platformer and shoot the creatures and robots. Avoid acid and shoot blocks over.

  • Sue Potato

    » Sue Potato

    Plant potatos in order to produce delicious chips. Once you have put 10 potatos in the puree machine press `start`.

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