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  • Karimkareem and the Golden Snowshovel

    » Karimkareem and the Golden Snowshovel

    KarimKareem was trapped by the warriors of King Hubu IV. Kareem will only survive if he is able to find the lost Golden Snowshovel.

  • Spring Bot 2

    » Spring Bot 2

    Avoid all obstacles and find your way to the exit.

  • Batman Adventure

    » Batman Adventure

    Hi kids!!! An interesting game for you, just play and enjoy this game. In this game your super hero batman is going to save his girlfriend from enemy. Help your hero to collect the key to move on to the next level and also collect all the symbols to incre

  • Cold Room Escape

    » Cold Room Escape

    You have just started a new job as a kitchen worker. However, on the first day at the job, you get trapped inside the cool room.freezer and now you must escape before you freeze.

  • The Doors

    » The Doors

    Click to collect clues!

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  • Planet Platformer 2

    » Planet Platformer 2

    The world turns just for you, but you have many obstacles to overcome. Collect the stars to finish the level.

  • Squareman 3

    » Squareman 3

    Squareman returns in a new sequel. Swim through water and more as you dodge the enemies.

  • Choco Museum

    » Choco Museum

    Find the bags of Choco and click items to make your way through the museum.

  • Dragon Gem

    » Dragon Gem

    Guide the little warrior through dense jungles defeating all the baddies and collect bonus items along the way.

  • Daffy's Studio Adventure

    » Daffy's Studio Adventure

    Get Daffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk. The ACME prop machine has gone haywaire, so watch out and don`t stay still for too long or the stage weights might fall on you! Earn points and boost your bonus timer by collecting the clocks along

  • Zobo Zurfing

    » Zobo Zurfing

    The idea is simple, get the 5 Zubos on each level from one side of the sound wave to the other. Move your mouse above or below the sound wave, hold down your mouse to build up power and release to explode a sound bomb. The sound bombs affect the sound wav

  • Puzzled 2

    » Puzzled 2

    Second in the Puzzled series.

  • Sponge Bob SquarePants Ship O Ghouls

    » Sponge Bob SquarePants Ship O Ghouls

    Keep moving down to stay in the water. If SpongeBob gets out of the water he drys up.

  • Flying Kitten

    » Flying Kitten

    Help this kitten reach the sky while dodging obstacles! Collect all gold objects to move to the next round.

  • Dizzy Paul

    » Dizzy Paul

    Grab the Peace And Love Pills in every level to keep Paul, the smiley face always happy!

  • Muneeba

    » Muneeba

    Help Muneeba to travel through dangerous levels and reach the exit door avoiding the baddies and other threats.

  • Jamal and the Wasp Bunker

    » Jamal and the Wasp Bunker

    In this excellent game you are a vegetarian spider that needs to protect his people from wasps. You walk on platforms, jump and throw a string to overcome big holes.

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