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  • Strike Fleet Athena

    » Strike Fleet Athena

    Take the role of an Ensign in Commander Acey`s fleet and help Task Force Perseus launch a counterattack against a maurading alien fleet! Land your shuttle on various planets in the Rho Theta system to upgrade the Athena Attack Fleet before the enemy spac

  • Sonic RPG eps 4 part 1

    » Sonic RPG eps 4 part 1

    Well, here is the episode 4. This time the auhtor put on it voices in the characters. He had to divide the movie in two parts because with all the material the final movie became too big.

  • Rapid Randy

    » Rapid Randy

    Shoot the enemies with 4 different weapons on multiple levels. Be accurate and watch your health.

  • Spec Ops 2

    » Spec Ops 2

    Complete the missions!

  • Hold Them Back

    » Hold Them Back

    Use your mouse to aim you gun and left click to fire! Hit `R` to reload.

  • Element Saga Chapter 5: Vengeance

    » Element Saga Chapter 5: Vengeance

    Help Jalapeno defeat the evil robots using numerous weapons and attacks, use SMGs, kicks, and various moves.

  • MoneyGrabber

    » MoneyGrabber

    You are in the role of a famous footballer who needs to collect as much money as possible.

  • Nyancat My Hero

    » Nyancat My Hero

    A truly epic battle between Nyan cat and the great dictator Kim Jong Un

  • American Soldier

    » American Soldier

    American Soldier is a shooting 3D game where you will run in to a village infested with waves of enemies that you have to kill with your weapons. To keep advancing in the game, kill all enemies on time. Earning points for the total score and rank high if

  • Commando Strike

    » Commando Strike

    Chaotic Combat Frenzy!

  • Space Reaction

    » Space Reaction

    Lead the Nurion Empire to Victory against the Yuri in this simple chain reaction game. Inspired by Circle Chain

  • Thing Thing Arena 2

    » Thing Thing Arena 2

    The sequel to Thing-Thing Arena. Survive an onslaught of enemies for as long as you can and try to dominate the high score boards!

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