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  • Year 2121

    » Year 2121

    Buy units, select units, select territory to attack, hope you bought enough armory to take the land.

  • The Lone Ninja

    » The Lone Ninja

    Kill the enemies that oppose your ninja greatness by throwing spear daggers at them.

  • Rocket Rescue

    » Rocket Rescue

    This addictive puzzle game is about shooting the rocket to save all your lost crew members that are floating into space. Keep the gravity of the planets in mind while you launch, it can change the course of your rocket. The level will be complete when you

  • Zoe Thanksgiving Competition

    » Zoe Thanksgiving Competition

    Zoe has participated in a fancy dress competition at school. The theme is based on Thanksgiving Day, so Zoe plans to wear peacock costumes. Help Zoe to buy needed accessories and clothes from the shop, join with her to design the costumes and finally dres

  • Undead Cleansing

    » Undead Cleansing

    Defend your position by shooting the incoming zombies. Upgrade weapons through upgrade shop.

  • Megaman X: RPG Chapter 0

    » Megaman X: RPG Chapter 0

    If you love Megaman AND RPG`s, then this is the game for you. You will bow before it.

  • Mel the Midget Ninja

    » Mel the Midget Ninja

    Try to hit the fly with your sword!

  • Avatar Arena

    » Avatar Arena

    Create your own character and challenge the world`s best benders! Choose your nation and fight against 20 benders in this ultimate tournament. Good luck to you master bender !

  • Dragon Sword: The Survival Battle

    » Dragon Sword: The Survival Battle

    Can you survive against all the odds of multiple sets of fighters. Get slicing and dicing!

  • Play Go Santa

    » Play Go Santa

    Help Santa perfect his skiing skills.

  • Madness Combat Defense

    » Madness Combat Defense

    Build up your defenses to fight off the Madness men!

  • Altair

    » Altair

    Sneak behind all the guards and slice them open before anyone else sees you. Be the best assassin.

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