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  • Dangerous Voyage

    » Dangerous Voyage

    Sidescroller action game of jumping and dodging. Can you handle all the action this game throws?

  • Work Wars

    » Work Wars

    Sneak around the office and throw stuff at your boss without getting caught.

  • Beach Assault

    » Beach Assault

    In Beach Assault, you play a machine gunner defending your beach from an enemy invasion.

  • Office Rush

    » Office Rush

    You are under attack! Buy cool weapons and defend your office!

  • Sesam Oppdrag Asgard

    » Sesam Oppdrag Asgard

    This is one very nice made platform action adventure game where you play a kind of viking.

  • Sneaky Tanks

    » Sneaky Tanks

    Choose your tank and kill everybody else. The game is played in rounds of 10 minutes where you have to destroy your opponents and stay alive to get the best ratio. You will receive money for damaging the other tanks, which can be used to buy better tanks

  • Batdog

    » Batdog

    Shoot the kryptonite shards that are in the air as you hover on your board as Batdog.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest Fighting

    » Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest Fighting

    Relive the fight scene in the popular movie. You will fight your enemy until your last breath and use your skills to become the ultimate pirate of the the Caribbean! Good luck!

  • Dungeon Hunt

    » Dungeon Hunt

    Grab keys and unlock doors as you throw knives at zombies and keep your constantly falling health up.

  • Knight Rider: Batman

    » Knight Rider: Batman

    A Thrilling adventure with Batman - The Knight Rider. Select your bike, cross the obstacles, collect batman gadgets to earn points. Buy your bike at store to upgrade your skills. Exciting levels to cross with unlimited Fun !

  • Battlestar Ace

    » Battlestar Ace

    The galaxy is under attack from the evil forces of zanltra. Starship ace is the guardian of the galaxy. Collect bonus pack to upgrade weapon mode. Each time you are hit will degrade the weapon mode.

  • Goliath: The Soothsayer

    » Goliath: The Soothsayer

    Your brother has gone missing for over half a year ago and it is time to decide what to do with the belongings he has left behind.

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