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  • Play Madness Interactive

    » Play Madness Interactive

    You must save the world jump use bullet time pick up new weapons stronger pistols machine guns rocket launchers grenade launchers and more.

  • Bush Wars Attack of the Shoes

    » Bush Wars Attack of the Shoes

    Bush Wars Last Episode : Attack of The Shoes. Play as Bush and help him avoid flying shoes. See how long time you can survive.

  • 1 Star Ship

    » 1 Star Ship

    You can control your fighter with your mouse (left mouse button - fire).

  • Muay Thai

    » Muay Thai

    Beat the bad ruler!

  • Motel Connection

    » Motel Connection

    Control your squad as you move into other enemy areas and use each of your players to fight them off.

  • High School Backstreet Fighter

    » High School Backstreet Fighter

    Get your fist ready in a slug fest, The street gang is out to beat you. Show them who`s the boss.

  • JVC Stinger Sniper

    » JVC Stinger Sniper

    The Stinger gang has taken over the city. Oh noes! You, my intrepid little sniper, will save us all. Shoot quickly and accurately, and try not to bungle the puzzle missions, mm`kay?



    You are a commnader of a tank unit and you must find and destroy the stolen documents. Game instructions on : Get through the warzone, find and destroy the stolen documents.

  • Assault Tank

    » Assault Tank

    Move your tank between the square pillars as you dodge enemy tanks and blow them away with your fire

  • Automanton Part 2

    » Automanton Part 2

    In this sequel, you begin a new mission?hile waking up in an unfamiliar location.

  • Night Exorcist

    » Night Exorcist

    Kill the creatures of the night.

  • Beyblade Rip Zone

    » Beyblade Rip Zone

    The real-life battlin` tops game comes to your computer in a down-and-dirty, Beyblade-on-Beyblade grudge match. Pick your Beyblade, match your power and accuracy and Let it Rip!

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