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  • Sort My Tiles Hercules and Hades

    » Sort My Tiles Hercules and Hades

    See the mighty Hercules against all odds.

  • Kid's Room 6

    » Kid's Room 6

    This kid needs some serious help. Her room must be tidied up before her friends came in. Help her up and have fun!

  • Coast Rider

    » Coast Rider

    Drive the Bike safely to the Finish Line in each level without causing much damage to the bike. Press UP Arrow key to Accelerate Press DOWN Arrow key to Reverse Press LEFT and RIGHT Arrow keys to rotate the Bike.

  • Old T-shirts Tips

    » Old T-shirts Tips

    Here are some tips in how to were old shirts.

  • Forest Cooking

    » Forest Cooking

    You are in the woods and this cute squirel will help you make a cake.

  • Line Parking

    » Line Parking

    Hey sketcher!!! Bored of playing usual parking games…Here a boon for you! Your target is to sketch the way for parking a car. You have to be vigilant that you should not crash with other vehicles. Sketch out carefully and line up your vehicle. Delight you

  • Cloud Breakout

    » Cloud Breakout

    Since you are a cloud in training, you must destroy the enemy clouds but you must avoid the lightning bolts and collect falling bubbles for bonuses. The sound is so funny.

  • Wood Carving Dopez

    » Wood Carving Dopez

    Carve the face of a loyal ally of Snow White.

  • Cosmico!

    » Cosmico!

    Rez inspired space extravaganza starring an adorable little robot.

  • Sort My Tiles Happ Feet

    » Sort My Tiles Happ Feet

    Sort them out before they get into more musunderstanding.

  • Ebu Dress Up

    » Ebu Dress Up

    Dress Alladin`s faithful sidekick Ebu.

  • Joy

    » Joy

    Joy is a mysterious girl, who likes to wear very original clothing.

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