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  • Luxury Velvet

    » Luxury Velvet

    Find out the luxury in velvets.

  • Leticia

    » Leticia

    Leticia is an elegant girl with a very classic taste in clothes. Choose the combination which suits her best.

  • Joy Fashion Fun

    » Joy Fashion Fun

    Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer but you can`t go to college because you are still in your teens? How to Become a Fashion Designer when You Are a Teen? How about the idea of designing clothes for yourself? You can do all these things here..

  • Eclair Dress Up

    » Eclair Dress Up

    Help our space agent get ready to save the world

  • Sam`s Dream Magic

    » Sam`s Dream Magic

    Sam gets a dream like going into the magic school and the task is he needs to make a frog and dragon using the clues in the book, if he doesn`t execute properly, then the particular thing will not appear. Join with Sam in his fantasy dream and have fun!

  • Cute Britney Spear Dress Up

    » Cute Britney Spear Dress Up

    Britney`s is in a combeack so help her and dress her up.

  • Kimberly Walsh Dress Up

    » Kimberly Walsh Dress Up

    An English singer for the pop group Girls Aloud. Walsh also acted as band-mate Cheryl Cole`s advisor on The X Factor during the judges` houses stage of the show, helping Cole to decide who to put through to the live shows. Kimberly was placed number 37 in

  • The Apartment

    » The Apartment

    This couple just got married. They`re so happy and the first thing they`re going to do is decorate their apartment.

  • Shoe Shop Shimmy

    » Shoe Shop Shimmy

    Sharpay is buying shoes like a crazy person! Help Ryan collect the purchases and avoid problems along the way. Hit `space bar` when your bag is full.

  • Dress Up Teen Stacey

    » Dress Up Teen Stacey

    Stacy is heading out to party. Go through her closet and choose is she`s going wear tonight.

  • Four Seasons DressUp

    » Four Seasons DressUp

    Click on the girl`s dress, bottoms, hairs to dress or undress her under different four seasons environment.

  • Custom Hunter Killer

    » Custom Hunter Killer

    Design your very own hover ship.

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