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  • Mecha-Cat Destructo

    » Mecha-Cat Destructo

    Mecha cats are trying to kick our heroes out of the house. Help Waffle find all the parts needed to build a Robot Super Cat. Destroy and kick all bots to earn and obtain more gears. You may also collect for caviar for your health.

  • Konka A66

    » Konka A66

    Beat-em-up in street fights where you play a... cellphone!

  • Save The Witness

    » Save The Witness

    Save the witness by shooting objects to keep them safe. Keep people from dying instead.

  • Raptek Vol 1: Arena

    » Raptek Vol 1: Arena

    Choose your figher, adjust his points to fit your play style. Fight all the enemies.

  • Baby Turkey Care

    » Baby Turkey Care

    Oh no! The cute baby turkey met an accident on air. Rescue and pamper her from injuries. Remove the pricking thorns from the body. Clean the blood from the wounds and give the right treatment. Pay attention, treat her without pain. At last, donít forget t

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  • Metal Slug. Last Mission

    » Metal Slug. Last Mission

    A game that truly mimics Metal Slug games. Plays exactly like the real thing featuring great graphics and weapons. Amazing!

  • Ninjya

    » Ninjya

    Throw your Chinese stars at all the enemies that have surrounded you. Larger enemies appear later.

  • The Sniper

    » The Sniper

    Snipe an entire map as you zoom in and find the enemies and blast them away with your sniper rifle.

  • Blitz Bombing

    » Blitz Bombing

    Remake of an old arcade bombing game.

  • Resident WIIvile 2

    » Resident WIIvile 2

    Shoot the zombie and alien creatures in a bunch of different mini games.

  • JumpingBox Reincarnation 2

    » JumpingBox Reincarnation 2

    Jumping box with you again! New funny levels! Fun physical game. Shoot the little box and help her to fly to the finish!

  • Warhammer BB... THE GAME!

    » Warhammer BB... THE GAME!

    It`s the Blood Bowl! Can you run the ball down the field without getting tackled?

  • Joe The Barbarian

    » Joe The Barbarian

    Help Joe get done in time!

  • Extreme Maths

    » Extreme Maths

    Put your maths skills to the test in the fast paced question based snowboarding game! Answer the questions correctly to perform cool tricks off the ramps!

  • Bad Moon Rising

    » Bad Moon Rising

    First person survival shooter. Will you survive the night as you try to battle your way through the graveyard from hell ? Add your highest score to the leaderboard, and challenge your friends to live longer! Family friendly with no gore and no guns, but w

  • Jack French #3

    » Jack French #3

    Jack is back in this 3rd episode of the famous Flash game series. You meet up with Jack when a businessman is thrown out of a running train. Clearly, this case is going to be more complicated than initially expected... This episode should keep you at the

  • The Kitchen of Doom

    » The Kitchen of Doom

    Collect all the foods before it gets rotten!

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