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  • Paint The Couple

    » Paint The Couple

    Are you an artist? Do you like to paint? Now you can try out your skills and paint this couple and their dog.

  • Big Family

    » Big Family

    Dress up Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt.

  • Sunset Dress Up

    » Sunset Dress Up

    Enjoy a spectacular sunset with some even more spectacular fashion choices. It`s dress up time!

  • Coordinator.

    » Coordinator.

    Dress our coordinator in fashion trendy manner.

  • Swing and Set

    » Swing and Set

    Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece, and then the neighboring one. The quicker you are to complete, more score to your account.

  • Cooking Show: Lamb Kebabs

    » Cooking Show: Lamb Kebabs

    If you?e cooking for a load of friends, or for a party, these kebabs will do the trick. They are so easy to make and damn tasty. Marinated in a blend of spices, they can be grilled, chargrilled or cooked on the barbie.

  • Ming's Dress Room

    » Ming's Dress Room

    Come on in Ming`s dress room to show your ability to appreciate the arts and imagination. Have fun!

  • Marine Fairy

    » Marine Fairy

    This gorgeous fairy lives at the bottom of the sea, hundreds of meters from the surface.

  • Mouse Paint

    » Mouse Paint

    A game for younger users, pick up the paint brush and then choose a color and you are sorted.

  • Bake Pancakes

    » Bake Pancakes

    Cook the pancakes until they`re gold on one side, then flip them over and brown the other side. Don`t let them burn!

  • Colouring 5

    » Colouring 5

    Color this beautiful canvas.

  • Colorful Padding

    » Colorful Padding

    Try wearing different style and colors of padding.

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