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    You are still playing with fishing or Plants vs Zombies? You OUT. Come and clicking the mouse capture zombies! A total of 15 games level. if 10 zombies come in your house ,you failed. Each short time will sent 10 gold coins. remember to collect gold coin as much as you can. Use mouse to operate!

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  • Palisade Guardian

    » Palisade Guardian

    Defend your base as you shoot all your enemies.

  • F16 Steel Fighter

    » F16 Steel Fighter

    A incredible 3D flying simulator in flash!

  • Lone Faction 2

    » Lone Faction 2

    Help Bionic escape from the facility that created him.

  • Defend Your Kingdom

    » Defend Your Kingdom

    Setup turrets and defend your kingdom from attack as you take down incoming waves of enemies.

  • Millie Megavolte 4: Millie and the Death Priestess

    » Millie Megavolte 4: Millie and the Death Priestess

    The Millie Megavolte series continues as you continue to fight and chop it up in this sidescroller.

  • Cargo Fire Truck

    » Cargo Fire Truck

    Cargo Fire Truck is a great cargo delivery truck game. You must complete 10 exciting levels. Drive with this cool firefighter cargo truck and deliver the fire fighter items as quickly as you can.

  • Police Rural Rampage

    » Police Rural Rampage

    This ones a treat for those of you wanting some old school top down driving action. Dish out some hard line NYC style law enforcement as you play an American Cop working the streets in rural England. It`s no easy job dealing with regular Car Jackings with

  • Metal Wrath Global

    » Metal Wrath Global

    Humanity has itself in allowing the machines to take over. Now it`s time to regroup and get things back to normal.

  • Stalingrad 2

    » Stalingrad 2

    The powerful second part of the turret defense game `Stalingrad` centers the fall of Berlin. Build factories, turrets and tanks to defeat crowds of Krauts.

  • Magic Tower

    » Magic Tower

    Get able to reach the top of the tower. Each door opens with the key of the same color.

  • World of Science

    » World of Science

    World of Science is a magical experience where players assume the role of a character who must manage their own world. Building wind farms and using the solar power of the sun to create a better future all help to make their planet a better place to live.

  • Oppa Harlem Shake Run

    » Oppa Harlem Shake Run

    Run oppa run with Harlem Shake style!

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