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  • Ghost Raider: Demon Duel

    » Ghost Raider: Demon Duel

    Eliminate all the zombies by smashing them using your powerful weapon the flaming metal chain and don`t let any zombies touch you if that happened the game is over...

  • Don't Look Back

    » Don't Look Back

    `Don`t Look Back` is a challenging action-platformer in a minimalist style.

  • French Street Fighters

    » French Street Fighters

    A French parody of street fighter.

  • Save Christmas

    » Save Christmas

    I know its June but we still need to save Christmas from the attacking penguins.

  • Console Launch: 2nd Ship

    » Console Launch: 2nd Ship

    The world has gone insane over the latest console. As a delivery man, it`s your job to defend your wagon full of consoles while you make a local delivery to the game store. Avoid obsessed Christmas-shopping mothers, fan boys, and super-nerds as you weave

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  • High Noon Ranger

    » High Noon Ranger

    It is time to ride high & clean up the streets partner! Yeeehaw!

  • Ninja Quest

    » Ninja Quest

    Ninja quest is a free sideview platform flash game in which you have to fight the evil ninja clan that captured your girlfriend.

  • Gladiator

    » Gladiator

    You are in the arena with fellow gladiators and tigers. Last one standing wins.

  • Play Castlevania

    » Play Castlevania

    Walk around aimlessly through a demon infested world and kill them with your chain!

  • Penguins Castle

    » Penguins Castle

    Help us to build a new home ! The penguins place has been destroyed by the Humans. Fortunately, the penguins found a new place. Now, they need your help. Your mission is to move the penguins to the safe place and avoid the different dangers as the big squ

  • Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S

    » Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S

    Fly the ship and shoot all enemies. Get the CODE MODULE back from the delightful children, then race to the KND Moon base.

  • Space Rowdies

    » Space Rowdies

    You`re a space dude with hover boots flying through space shooting enemy UFOs and other spaceships.

  • Tank Attack

    » Tank Attack

    Survive the attacks from your enemies for as long as you can.

  • Uchuwars

    » Uchuwars

    Another top-down spaceship shooter. Control with your mouse and take out those bosses too!

  • Ignite People on Fire

    » Ignite People on Fire

    Deep within your heart lays a burning sensation. Try as you may, it is uncontrollable, as you will soon find yourself desperately sharing this ember with fellow peeps in a violent, enthusiastic fit.

  • Megaman Zero Alpha

    » Megaman Zero Alpha

    Another version of megaman game!

  • SkyCops

    » SkyCops

    The rival army is trying to break into your country. Your mission is to destroy all enemies in all levels.

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