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  • Lily Dress Up

    » Lily Dress Up

    Lily is a very cute and sweet girl that loves fashion and trendy clothes. Her wardrobe is full of stylish clothes, casual but modern. Help her choose an outfit for today. Maybe some pants and a shirt or one of the cute skirts she has. Choose some shoes to

  • How to Make Tandoori Chicken

    » How to Make Tandoori Chicken

    Learn how to make a roasted chicken delicacy from the Punjab region.

  • Occupation Site

    » Occupation Site

    In Japan, this game is called Go and uses little rocks. Now you can play in the 21st century, with tiny dudes! Take as much real estate as you can from the green-capped dudes.

  • Sandwich Shop

    » Sandwich Shop

    Serve delicious sandwiches to bystanders.

  • Dress Me Up Clockwork Couture

    » Dress Me Up Clockwork Couture

    Feeling a little Victorian? Wish you had more monocles and corsets in your life? Get your steampunk fashion on here, baby!

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  • Kiddy Playdate

    » Kiddy Playdate

    Get these kids dressed for their playdate! Make sure their outfits fit the weather and location you choose. Drag and drop items with your mouse onto the boy or the girl. Use the icons on the left to select the type of weather and location for your kiddie

  • Guess My Ball

    » Guess My Ball

    After intermixing of the jar, you have to locate which jar holds the ball. If you locate the jar correctly,then you get the points. if not you get to lose points

  • Lovele: Layer Design

    » Lovele: Layer Design

    Try to enjoy layering some clothes.

  • Puzzle Mania Mickey Mouse

    » Puzzle Mania Mickey Mouse

    Complet the Mickey Mouse puzzle piece.

  • Ivey

    » Ivey

    It`s been a long time since Ivy has seen her guy, and that`s why she wants to look her best for when she sees him again.

  • Daddy Day Camp Watergun Fun

    » Daddy Day Camp Watergun Fun

    Shoot the hiding children with your water gun as they appear. Shoot them quickly or they`ll get you.

  • Bicheonmu

    » Bicheonmu

    Dance in the Sky with this lovely lady.

  • Kiss Off

    » Kiss Off

    Find the hotty to kiss by avoiding all the disgusting, annying smokers. Don`t get caught with one of them or you`ll lose points with a difficult challenge.

  • Aladdin Online Coloring

    » Aladdin Online Coloring

    Bring the color to live of Aladdin and friends.

  • Bad Cat

    » Bad Cat

    These cats are in the fish market and want to eat all the fish. Click them with the mouse so that they don`t finish off the market`s goods.

  • Little pony dress up

    » Little pony dress up

    The little pony is not a regular pony but he is a fashion maniac pony.Dress the pony up with stylish clothes and shiny accesories.The little pony will be gratefull and will let you ride him only if he loves the outfit that you make him wear, so be careful

  • Baby Melisa Spa Care

    » Baby Melisa Spa Care

    Give a relaxing body massage to baby Melisa. Provide a perfect treatment with massage oil. Go up with a refreshing bath and gratify with cute dress and accessories.Make her feel rejuvenated once you complete the massage!

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