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  • Honey Bees

    » Honey Bees

    Go make tons of honey to earn money.

  • Zim

    » Zim

    Help Zim get ready in conquering the world.

  • Match the Animals

    » Match the Animals

    Test your memory and see how quickly you can clear the cards. The object is to match pairs of cards in as little moves as possible. Flip the card, memorize it, and match them up before time runs out. Have Fun with challenging levels.

  • Jonas Brothers

    » Jonas Brothers

    Have fun coloring in your favorite singers: The Jonas Brothers.

  • Kitties Cookies

    » Kitties Cookies

    Put tasty cookies on the plate and avoid getting hit by that nasty kid.

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  • Shoe Shop Shimmy

    » Shoe Shop Shimmy

    Sharpay is buying shoes like a crazy person! Help Ryan collect the purchases and avoid problems along the way. Hit `space bar` when your bag is full.

  • Euro Style

    » Euro Style

    This is what Euro guys fashion statement.

  • Guess My Ball

    » Guess My Ball

    After intermixing of the jar, you have to locate which jar holds the ball. If you locate the jar correctly,then you get the points. if not you get to lose points

  • Dress Up Rea

    » Dress Up Rea

    Get Rea dress up for the ball.

  • Animal Balloons

    » Animal Balloons

    Your animals friends are stuck on different islands. Rescue them, but beware of the dangers lurking ahead!

  • Ninja Power Jump

    » Ninja Power Jump

    Ninja has to climb his way home. On the way collect the yin-yang to earn points. Avoid shrunken that are thrown on the way. Use mouse/arrow keys to play.

  • Sort My Tiles American Daddy

    » Sort My Tiles American Daddy

    Our very own American Daddy needs to be sorted out.

  • Zoe At Mask Party

    » Zoe At Mask Party

    Zoe is invited for grand Masquerade Ball Party. It`s time to show off your designing skills. Prepare Zoe for the Masquerade ball using colorful, shiny and beautiful masks. Design and make some colorful mask. Also donít forget to add the final touch using

  • Jonas Brothers

    » Jonas Brothers

    Have fun coloring in your favorite singers: The Jonas Brothers.

  • Ashley Tisdale Make Up

    » Ashley Tisdale Make Up

    Help her get ready before she goes show time.

  • Azucena

    » Azucena

    Azucena is shy. This weekend she is meeting up with her crush and wants to make a good impression.

  • Idea Workshop

    » Idea Workshop

    Could you match up and complete all the missing letters from the words given with their corresponding pictures?

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