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  • The Night Before

    » The Night Before

    Play mini games around the bar as you gain inventory to further the main game. Don`t get stuck!

  • Locked Office

    » Locked Office

    Hard game to figure out!

  • Sushi Pack Power Practice

    » Sushi Pack Power Practice

    Knock down cut-outs of the Low Tide and help the Pack practice their powers! Aim with your mouse then click the knock down cut-outs of the Low Tide. Complete three levels using each character and see who gets the highest score!

  • Sonic in Mario World 2

    » Sonic in Mario World 2

    Multiple levels of playing as sonic in the Mario universe against Mario`s enemies. Crush them all!

  • Anti Terrorist Sniper King

    » Anti Terrorist Sniper King

    Anti-Terrorist Sniper King is coming , invicible version with more can get all kinds of upgraded AWP sniper rifle,so as to improve the shooting speed, increased magazine capacity.

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  • Sky Mazezz

    » Sky Mazezz

    Grab your mouse and stay focused as you guide the eye through many moving mazes. Dont hit the walls, it will make you restart the current level!!Use your mouse to click on the eye , then move it around on your screen.

  • Escaping Paris 2

    » Escaping Paris 2

    Ask yourself, why is bad porn music playing in the kitchen? Help Paris get out of jail, yet again. Can you avoid becoming one with the roaches?

  • The Coins

    » The Coins

    Collect as many Coins as possible per level. You may need to redo the level if you haven`t collected enough.

  • Ashtons Family Resort

    » Ashtons Family Resort

    Run your own holiday park and give your visitors a relaxed and well deserved vacation!

  • Schnappi

    » Schnappi

    Help Schnappi, a baby croc explore various levels collecting juicy flies and Schnapping enemies!

  • Beer Monster

    » Beer Monster

    Explore various hazardous zones collecting beer cans and find the secret exit to proceed further...

  • Mario Time Attack Remix

    » Mario Time Attack Remix

    Help Mario run against the clock and rescue princess Peach, kidnapped by an evil Lakitu...

  • The Journey of a Service Droid

    » The Journey of a Service Droid

    Move in this platformer and shoot the creatures and robots. Avoid acid and shoot blocks over.

  • Tobby Tox

    » Tobby Tox

    Avoid the obstacles to reach the top of the temple and get the treasure from the ancient Egyptian ruins.

  • Mysteries of Horus

    » Mysteries of Horus

    Take a symbol from the conveyor and place it in gap in a row. You can drop symbol in the disposal unit. This decreases the God`s satisfaction. To beat a level, you must reach the target score. You lose if your current score is less than the target score.

  • Goki Dash

    » Goki Dash

    Help a cockroach move to a tropical island by collecting enough food for his long journey.

  • Burger Time

    » Burger Time

    Help the chef make burger`s by putting together all the pieces scattered around, avoiding the hotdog`s!

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