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  • Mause Force Attack

    » Mause Force Attack

    Indulge yourself in mid air dog fight and shoot down anything that moves in this mid air dog fight.

  • Joe The Rocket

    » Joe The Rocket

    Help Joe, the rocket to escape from the renegade robots by maneuvering through a dangerous course!

  • Kamikaze

    » Kamikaze

    Become a Suicidal pilot and crash planes into designated targets for fun!

  • Jet Ski

    » Jet Ski

    Ski and collect as many Pepsi buoys as possible for bonus points. Avoid all mines!

  • Shadow Kar

    » Shadow Kar

    Those choppers want to take you down, but instead they lift you up!

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  • Paper Pilot

    » Paper Pilot

    The `Battle of the Air` is here and smoking.

  • Jet Pack

    » Jet Pack

    Your rocket ran out of fuel landing on an unknown planet surrounded by enemies. Refuel your rocket and escape quickly.

  • Super Bob

    » Super Bob

    Fly Bob through the clouds but do not touch them.

  • Mili And Tary Copter

    » Mili And Tary Copter

    Try to make the helicopter reach the other side of the level by avoiding the many walls and bombs. Keep pressing the mouse button to keep the helicopter flying.

  • Flying Puppy

    » Flying Puppy

    Look at this brave doggy! He flies through the sky with his hang glider trying to get as many balls as he can.

  • F18 HORNET

    » F18 HORNET

    Test your piloting skills and your ability to become a true fighter pilot in this online game!

  • White Angel

    » White Angel

    Help our angel in flying through the vines and avoid getting her tangle with it.

  • Aliens Land

    » Aliens Land

    Guide your craft through the caverns collecting items along the way.

  • Rescufo

    » Rescufo

    Your task in this lander game is to pick up the stranded martians and bring them to the exit.

  • Flinging Stone

    » Flinging Stone

    Make the tortoise fly high in air to cover maximum distance avoiding the plants in way.

  • Mars Expedition

    » Mars Expedition

    The life on Mars has been spotted and your mission is to pick up the little pink beings.

  • Angel Sky

    » Angel Sky

    Fly across the sky and collect the items.

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