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  • Fly Helicopter 2

    » Fly Helicopter 2

    Are you skilled enough or crazy enough to fly a helicopter in these conditions?

  • Algorack

    » Algorack

    Cartoony side scroller aircraft shooter.

  • Space Ace

    » Space Ace

    Maneuver a ship through different regions in space and collect the rings in this challenging game with basic graphics.

  • Santas Workshop

    » Santas Workshop

    A bunch of different Christmas games all in one. Each with its own difficulty settings.

  • Little Hero Adventure

    » Little Hero Adventure

    Hey kids!!! Check out this soaring game. Super hero waiting is for you! Help him to fly safely without getting hit by any obstacles, guide him to collect all the hearts for score up. Ride cautiously!!! Enjoy the game and have fun. Use up and down arrow ke

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  • Shop N Dress Fruit Picking Game

    » Shop N Dress Fruit Picking Game

    Collect fruits to earn money and buy expensive dresses.

  • Duckstazy

    » Duckstazy

    Pump the Duck! The duck must be bought to madness and lasted for sometime mad. You should collect the assigned number of fabulous pills.

  • Dbloon

    » Dbloon

    Help DD get his bloon into orbit!

  • Poo Fighter

    » Poo Fighter

    Don`t let the mad scientists make the research on the little poor innocent birdie.

  • Rap Attack

    » Rap Attack

    Rain down the beats on Hip Hop Doggy. Use the left/right arrows to shake out the tunes--the funkier the groove, the better the score. Give yourself air with the Space bar to avoid crashing into the massive speakers.

  • Jet Pac Stan

    » Jet Pac Stan

    Collect all keys by flying using your jetpack!

  • Tobby Balloon

    » Tobby Balloon

    Use the fan to make the balloon float and fly the dog to safety away from hazards.

  • Catscratch: Cat Fight

    » Catscratch: Cat Fight

    Blik, ever-mad for power is on the hunt for the remaining parts of the magical Swork. The parts he already has have give him the power to fly. Squirt at Gordon and Waffle to get their Swork parts. Be sure to grab Swork pieces before they reach the ground

  • Fly Helicopter 2

    » Fly Helicopter 2

    Are you skilled enough or crazy enough to fly a helicopter in these conditions?

  • Dragon Journey

    » Dragon Journey

    Your eggs have been stolen! Quickly pursue the vulture and save all your eggs.

  • D' Bloon

    » D' Bloon

    An air balloon themed DDR-styled game of pushing arrows as they pass the crosshairs. Go higher!

  • Outpost Dedlaw

    » Outpost Dedlaw

    Fly your spaceship and shoot down all the incoming ships. Dodge them or shoot them, but don`t crash.

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