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  • Sky Sailor

    » Sky Sailor

    Jump on the grassy platforms as you collect parts for your floating pirate ship. Jump into cannons!

  • Adventura Magica

    » Adventura Magica

    Help rescue Timmy`s Fairy God Parents.

  • Dora's Space Adventure

    » Dora's Space Adventure

    Help Dora in her space adventure with Boots.

  • DreamGate Escape

    » DreamGate Escape

    You remember going to sleep, but regain conciousness inside a frightening and surreal landscape. Could it be that you are trapped within your own nightmare? One thing is for sure, you need to escape! Use your mouse to move and find/drag/interact with obje

  • Exit 2

    » Exit 2

    Hop over the maze like platforms and find the key to the exit door, avoiding the various threats.

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  • PCA Puppy Academy

    » PCA Puppy Academy

    Zoey and her palas are volunteering at a puppy rescue organization near PCA. Help them keep this doggie day care running smoothly.

  • Lodge Escape

    » Lodge Escape

    I was on a research trip with my friend. During the trip, we were supposed to stay at a Lodge in a small village. Middle of the night, i got a shearing noise that pierced my ears. Next thing I knew, my friend is missing. I pounded on the doors for help bu

  • Be Bad

    » Be Bad

    Try to solve your many problems throughout the day

  • Up The Platform

    » Up The Platform

    Jump from one platform to another and try to reach the exit in various levels, before the timer counts down to zero.

  • Jumpin Jacko

    » Jumpin Jacko

    Help Jacko protect the children throughout the world and make it on stage in time!

  • Obama vs Aliens

    » Obama vs Aliens

    People or pandas, the aliens aren`t getting any on Obama`s watch!

  • Bulwark 53 Part 2

    » Bulwark 53 Part 2

    You’ve successfully escaped the Bulwark base, but now you’ve realized there’s more creatures and chaos waiting for you outside. Find your way out... and avoid the madness, if you can! Game controls: “W, A, S, D” to move around, “SPACEBAR” to reload your g

  • Mario Adventure

    » Mario Adventure

    Another great adventurous Mario game! Explore the world, collect coins, crush the enemies and have fun:)

  • Little Sheep

    » Little Sheep

    Grab the stars as you move around in this sidescrolling platformer with good graphics.

  • Cheese Hunter

    » Cheese Hunter

    Play as a mouse in this funny adventurous game and eat all the cheese on your way to earn highest points.

  • Sentinel Hunt

    » Sentinel Hunt

    Get rid of all the humans!

  • Rescue Your Boyfriend 2

    » Rescue Your Boyfriend 2

    In the Tribe inside the jungle, a girl`s boyfriend wad captured by an evil wizard. Help the girl to save his boyfriend.

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