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  • Cannon Commander

    » Cannon Commander

    The castle is under attack of the alien enemies. The cannon commander is the only brave man in the city to stand against them!!!

  • Play Halo

    » Play Halo

    Play capture the flag halostyle and demolish your enemy and bring their flag back to your base

  • Play Dynasty Street

    » Play Dynasty Street

    Kick the living tar out of your opponent before he does the same or worse to you

  • Dance Dance Carabao

    » Dance Dance Carabao

    There are four arrows that correspond to your keyboard directional keys. Once the game starts, arrows would start scrolling up. Time the key pressing of the corresponding keyboard directional keys once the scrolling arrows overlap it. You score with every

  • Play My Head

    » Play My Head

    The customers hair grow really fast cut them short before they get too long

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  • Snake Coil

    » Snake Coil

    Throw color ball into snake and it will become a snake segment of snake and increase it`s length. If snake has 3 or more continuous same color segments they will be removed and snake`s length will be reduced. Keep removing snake segments and don`t let the

  • Troll Rampage

    » Troll Rampage

    A Troll returns home to find that the little humans have murdered his wife and kids, what does he do?

  • Play Flash Driver

    » Play Flash Driver

    2D driving games with 4 track to choose from

  • Play Feeder War

    » Play Feeder War

    Most babies do not like to eat Help them to destroy their food

  • Beach Ballin

    » Beach Ballin

    Jump off the beach and climb as high as you can by jumping onto beach balls, collecting special bonuses as you go!

  • Super Raccoon

    » Super Raccoon

    Use the arrow keys to move around and [space] for turbo move. Collect everything you can but try not to hit the snake.

  • Tube Racer

    » Tube Racer

    A kind of a surfing game but here you are a robot and surfing through the inside of a tube with on coming obstructions.

  • Pacman

    » Pacman

    Hey, who can forget pacman? Play the old style classic pacman game here online.

  • A Day of Slacking

    » A Day of Slacking

    Are you a true slacker? Drink beer, eat ice cream, mess with the boss..

  • Sue Tetris

    » Sue Tetris

    Match 3 or more of the same icons!

  • Warrior Game

    » Warrior Game

    Help warrior get through 20 different levels.

  • Its mine

    » Its mine

    Greed is such an odd thing, just look how fast this old man can dig out precious gems.

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