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  • Sub Wars

    » Sub Wars

    Destroy as mush ships and submarine as you can! The deeper you submerge the harder it is to hit you! But don`t forget to surface when your oxygen supply is low!

  • Alien vs Predator

    » Alien vs Predator

    Stay alive as long as possible as a predator that is killing alien hoards until he finally dies.

  • Jackal Operation

    » Jackal Operation

    In Lydonia was made a military coup. You have been sent to the group of tank unit with a view to peace in this Middle Eastern country. You will have: - 12 levels in three locations - 3 Boss - 4 types of tanks - 19 types of enemies - Solve simple puzzles -

  • Elite Forces Clone Wars

    » Elite Forces Clone Wars

    Send swarms of clones to overcome the enemy and claim the territory as your own. Game instructions on : Select Blue Barracks then sent your clones to Enemy Barracks.

  • Kamikaze Cat

    » Kamikaze Cat

    The Cat Empire, that were living with joy since very long time, has become the new objective of the Devil King and his Army of Darkness.Lead the Cat Empire Royal Airforce to defeat the Devil King once and for all.

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  • War on Terrorism

    » War on Terrorism

    Fight the terrorists!

  • Rhino Copter

    » Rhino Copter

    Use the Rhino copter to destroy the cobra bats on your way back to the new sigma 6 base.

  • 12Days

    » 12Days

    Play as a hired killer and shoot using your sniper rifle

  • Zero

    » Zero

    Aim on target using your mouse. Shoot all the enemy before they take you down. You can also select multiple target using your mouse.

  • Play The Arena

    » Play The Arena

    This is a one on one fighting game. Attack your enemy when you see his weapon back.

  • A Sitch in Time 3

    » A Sitch in Time 3

    This is the 3rd part of the action game Sitch In Time. Fly and shoot but also jump and run through various levels.

  • Moglin Punter

    » Moglin Punter

    Try to kick your moglin into the cookies and the cake.

  • Kill the Emo

    » Kill the Emo

    The moment you`ve been waiting for, brutally kill an emo kid while he whines.

  • South Park Major Boobage: K-Type

    » South Park Major Boobage: K-Type

    Cat pee is not a toy, mmkay? Having said that, indulge your cheesy fantasies by playing as Kenny in the K-Type. And follow the orders of Major Boobage!

  • 100 Men

    » 100 Men

    Use your mouse to control to change weapon Pres 1, 2 and 3.

  • Halloween Hunt 2

    » Halloween Hunt 2

    Halloween Hunt 2 is a RPG (Role Playing Game). You move through the world and encounter ghouls and goblins at every turn. Learn new attacks and spells and solve the puzzles that are set before you.

  • Quiz Fighter

    » Quiz Fighter

    Its a quiz game where you are supposed to answer the questions correctly beat up your adversary. Answer the questions wrong or take too long, and you will be the one to get it.

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