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    Fly over the city and destroy the meteor shower and the enemy ships that are terrorizing the population. You have to collect energy to charge your weapon and life to recover from the blows. Shoot against the enemies and avoid all obstacles.

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  • Star Serpent

    » Star Serpent

    Its the future and the Earth has united for eternal peace, so things got really boring. After discovering seven other solar systems in the Milky Way, The United States of Earth (USE) decided to attack those places to conquer the whole galaxy.

  • Climate Revenge

    » Climate Revenge

    Smash buildings! Fling trucks! Dampen spirits! When peoples start Global Warming, Mr. Climate strikes back!

  • Auxiliary

    » Auxiliary

    Defend your base as you upgrade your rotating turret. Upgrade at the right times or you may die.

  • Ancient Battle

    » Ancient Battle

    Shoot down missle launching robots and figure a way through puzzles in this sidescroller.

  • Alternate Commissar

    » Alternate Commissar

    Great game where you must survive in the enemie`s territory. Eliminate all the enemies soldiers.

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