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    <div style=`width:600px; margin-left:30px`>1940`s film themed shoot em up game. The aim is to blast the aliens before they get you.

    Game instructions on :

    Use the left and right arrow keys to move your plane. Space or Enter to fire one bullet at a time. Destroy the aliens before they get you, but watch out as some aliens may take more than one hit. Moving window focus or pressing the Escape key will pause the game.

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  • Dragon Force

    » Dragon Force

    Fly into the sky and shoot those alien scums.

  • Bunny Bounty

    » Bunny Bounty

    Hungry bunnies have invaded your farm! Prevent them from stealing your crops by knocking them down with your slingshot. Take aim using the mouse cursor and fire with the left mouse button. Earn bounty points when bunnies get knocked out!

  • Robodome

    » Robodome

    Fight robots in the arena. Don`t be fooled, later robots move faster, hide better, shoot you more!

  • Altair

    » Altair

    Sneak behind all the guards and slice them open before anyone else sees you. Be the best assassin.

  • Scooby Doo - Daphnes Fight for Fashion

    » Scooby Doo - Daphnes Fight for Fashion

    Fight the voodoo people as Daphne. Kick, punch, and dodge to stay alive.

  • Crazy Fights

    » Crazy Fights

    Fight the enemies as you throw kicks and punches trying to defeat the bad guys.

  • GrossOut Battle for Sludge Valley

    » GrossOut Battle for Sludge Valley

    Fight against other opponents in this turn based styled fighting game. Can you beat them all?

  • Santas Vengeance

    » Santas Vengeance

    Christmas is in the air!! This is one straight Santa Claus. Because grinches bother he is on the way to kill them. It`s your task to guide him through the platform levels.

  • Wanted

    » Wanted

    Shoot the enemies as they pull up beside you. Dodge objects on the street.

  • Poink

    » Poink

    Throw the balls to bash the monsters!

  • Wild 'n' Free EX

    » Wild &#039;n&#039; Free EX

    The humans are polluting the Amazon! Play as a boto and lead your piranha to destroy the enemy boats to save the river!

  • Heli Attack 1

    » Heli Attack 1

    This is the first of the successful series of Heli Attack. You must shoot down the helicopter chasing you or else you`d be gunned down to death. Good luck!

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