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  • Alien UFO

    » Alien UFO

    Rescue your fellow aliens who are stranded in hostile territory. Hitting brick walls damages your ship and hitting pipes or enemy aliens causes immediate destruction. Collect coins for extra points. Hitting brick walls damages your ship and hitting pipes

  • Santa Gift

    » Santa Gift

    In this merry Christmas season, you are here to help out Santa, in his gift distributing process. Each chimney shows up an expected gift at the top, and you have to select and throw the gift exactly into the chimney.

  • Thrust II

    » Thrust II

    As you probably already guessed this is a gravity lander game. In this one you also have to navigate your ship and shoot ballons.

  • Chicken Hunt

    » Chicken Hunt

    Shoot all flying chickens.

  • Captain Zorro

    » Captain Zorro

    Human`s Mars colony where attacked by aliens from faraway planet âââ¬

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  • Bird Flight

    » Bird Flight

    Your mission is to gather the lost chicks by following the migrating birds and get them home safely.

  • Pig on the Rocket

    » Pig on the Rocket

    Thrust your way a you collect all the fruits while riding the rocket!

  • Project Inthri 3

    » Project Inthri 3

    Play single player, 2 player on one keyboard, or by yourself controlling 2 seperate ships.

  • Joe The Rocket

    » Joe The Rocket

    Help Joe, the rocket to escape from the renegade robots by maneuvering through a dangerous course!

  • Haunted Hybrid

    » Haunted Hybrid

    Grab the jackolanterns and candy corn as you dodge and shoot the bats. Don`t run out of fuel!

  • F18 HORNET

    » F18 HORNET

    Test your piloting skills and your ability to become a true fighter pilot in this online game!

  • Wzium

    » Wzium

    Control the seed as you fly through the straw. Dodge all the barricades and make it through holes.

  • Douche Monkey Astronaut

    » Douche Monkey Astronaut

    Get this monkey up in the air in this funny skill game. Collect and dodge stuff.

  • Peppys Thanksgiving Fly

    » Peppys Thanksgiving Fly

    Help the boy to fly high in the sky and collect all the fruits and vegetables for Thanksgiving Day. Dont get hit on the obstacles you will lose the game. Try to collect all the items before the time over

  • Flinging Stone

    » Flinging Stone

    Make the tortoise fly high in air to cover maximum distance avoiding the plants in way.

  • Penguin Copter

    » Penguin Copter

    Try to keep your helicopter inside the path without hitting the walls or bumping into penguins.

  • Squirrel Family - Pink Panic

    » Squirrel Family - Pink Panic

    Shoot your arrows and destroy all the globes to add some points. If any globe gets to escape, you will loose one life.

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