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  • Arabian Knight

    » Arabian Knight

    You are the Arabian Knight and you have to defeat the Sultan and help establish a proper government...

  • Bird Man

    » Bird Man

    Get into a jail as Bird Man, sneak him past the guards to get the keys, but avoid being busted.

  • Mytheria

    » Mytheria

    Battle with powerful cards. Power up, or draw more? You`ll need to use your entire brain to win this war...

  • Adventures Of Buttlock

    » Adventures Of Buttlock

    Help Buttlock, the hero rescue his love from the grasp of the evil villains!!!

  • Rollercoaster Creator

    » Rollercoaster Creator

    Are you a thrill seaker? Build a sensational roller coaster that will deeply impress your public. Collect all the coins and earn thrill coins by making your track more sensational!

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