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  • Dracula Eye Care

    » Dracula Eye Care

    Have you ever checked an eye for Dracula, never right? Here is a big challenge for you. Are you ready? Dracula is suffering from eye problems. His vision is unclear and getting blurred. He needs your help to detect the problems in the eyes. Can you help o

  • Zoe Witch at Spa

    » Zoe Witch at Spa

    Here is a Halloween spa opened especially for witch. One day Witch Zoe goes to Halloween spa to get a relaxing massage. Give your best massage or else she will get angry on you. So give your best and donít make her angry. Have fun!!

  • Zoe the Witch Rejuvenation

    » Zoe the Witch Rejuvenation

    The witch Zoe was trying to do magic but the magic turns her into old because of trying wrong magic. Now, she wants to get back her face before it is late for Halloween. Make over her face by applying cream, etc.

  • Talking Ginger Care

    » Talking Ginger Care

    A Cute baby Ginger met with an accident and got a fever and cold in fear. Take Care the little one by removing thorns, fix the breakage bone, etc. Finally dress up the cute chubby Talking ginger.

  • Zoe Picnic Day

    » Zoe Picnic Day

    Zoe and her brother Sam planned to go for a picnic in the weekend. So Zoe decides to get some sandwiches, cake and more with her. Help Zoe to prepare Sandwich and pack things. At the picnic spot monkeys snatch Zoe’s food. Help them not to snatch food by

  • Avea Trotter Funky Dress Up

    » Avea Trotter Funky Dress Up

    Avea trotter, a monster high wants to look gorgeous in a funky style dress up. Change monster high costumes in a funky style.

  • Royal Zoe Beauty And Pet Care

    » Royal Zoe Beauty And Pet Care

    Princess Zoes beauty pet fell down in the mud. In fear beauty pet gets a fever. Now Zoe needs your help to take care of her pet and dress up. Check temperature, give medicine, clean mud from the body and dries up the pet. Finally, bring out with a new loo

  • Sirena Von Boo Makeover

    » Sirena Von Boo Makeover

    Sirena Von Boo, a monster high had a dream like a mermaid princess and she wants to look the most beautiful and gorgeous in the underwater. Can you do the best makeover and dress up for her in new trends?

  • Talking Angela First Aid

    » Talking Angela First Aid

    Talking Tom gave gifts to her girl friend Angela. As she opened the gift, smell faint her and she fell down. Could you please do first aid for Angela so that she gets well soon?

  • Zoe Egyptian Princess Makeover

    » Zoe Egyptian Princess Makeover

    Children!! This time you got an opportunity to dress up and make over the Egyptian Zoe. First, you need to do makeover for the Egyptian princess and then dress up Zoe with gorgeous dress, sparkling accessories. Enjoy the game.

  • Zoe Toy Repair

    » Zoe Toy Repair

    Zoe is very upset, as all her favorite toys have gotten repair. Think yourself as a toy repairer and help Zoe to repair damaged toys and replace the improper parts to bring back her cute smile

  • Modeling Girl Dress Up

    » Modeling Girl Dress Up

    Here is a beautiful and gorgeous modeling girl. Change the dress and accessories which suits the best. Bring out a new look to this modeling girl.

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