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  • Searcherz!

    » Searcherz!

    Searcherz! is a brand new free online quiz game! This game is based on absolutely fresh and unique idea! Play on a hunt to check your knowledge in all spheres of life. Feel yourself a detective or statistician, find the word combination most frequently as

  • Dragon Ball Z Flash Dimension

    » Dragon Ball Z Flash Dimension

    Get into the fighting arena and challenge the characters from Dragon Ball Z for a bout and subdue your opponents.

  • Turnaus

    » Turnaus

    Fight against a rival knight, break down his castles door and capture his flag.

  • Super Smash X

    » Super Smash X

    The heroes Mario, Link, Megaman, Zero etc are up against each other to test, who is the greatest among them!!!

  • Multiplayer Chinese Checkers

    » Multiplayer Chinese Checkers

    Play a classic game of chinese checkers against your computer with the option of 6 players.

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