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  • Sofia Facial Skin Doctor

    » Sofia Facial Skin Doctor

    Look at our beautiful princess Sofia the First face! It looks terrible. After an awful accident at a princess play ground the loved Sofia suffered serious problems on her face. So she needs urgent treatment from a professional face doctor. It`s your job t

  • Suske the Robber

    » Suske the Robber

    Interact your way in and out of the bank to secure Suske the Robber for the rest of his life! Little did Johnny Rocketfinger know about family, still he was a great badass example for his nephew Suske. Today when Suske has grown a goat beard and is old en

  • Golden Zeros

    » Golden Zeros

    Golden Zeros is a Math-skills and strategy based High Score game where you require making a chain of numbered balls to get a sum of zero

  • Bubble Trouble

    » Bubble Trouble

    Pop the bubble before time runs out.

  • Midget Tossing

    » Midget Tossing

    Throw the Midgets in the bucket!

  • Detonator

    » Detonator

    Get through the bomb maze without falling off the sides.

  • Monkey Lander

    » Monkey Lander

    Collect the food and land on the pad without crashing!

  • Park a Lot

    » Park a Lot

    Park all the cars within the time limit.

  • Red Beard

    » Red Beard

    Lead Red Beard through each level!

  • Hotshot

    » Hotshot

    Lead the ball through the maze while killing the flys!

  • Slacking

    » Slacking

    Being a slacker is cool!

  • Space Escape

    » Space Escape

    Guide the spaceship through the maze without blowing up.

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