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  • Halloween Pumpkin-Man

    » Halloween Pumpkin-Man

    At this Pacman Game We present you a Halloween Pumpkin Man and his job is the same. He needs to eat all white dots and when he eat yellow dots Halloween Pumpkin get the power and he can eat all ghosts around him. This game has five levels, so use arrow ke

  • Superheroes Connect

    » Superheroes Connect

    Connect all the superheroes logo to their respective colors. There are many levels to challenge you, unlock the levels to go to the next level. Have Fun by connecting.

  • Thief Maze

    » Thief Maze

    Help this thief escape from the sight of Police and reach the destination. Don`t let him go near the light or else you are out of the game. Play all the levels and win the game. All the Best!Use arrow keys to move.

  • Land The Copter

    » Land The Copter

    Guide the copter to collect all the gold coins and earn points. Avoid the missiles on the way or you will lose a life. Land the copter on the helipad in the shortest time to play next levels. Complete every level successfully and win the game. Use arrow k

  • Fun Ball Maze

    » Fun Ball Maze

    Gently push the ball towards the glowing place. Do not let it touch the spikes and walls or you lose a life. Collect the golden stars on the way to get bonus points. Try to finish every level in the short time to earn more points. Complete all the levels

  • Take Me To Oyster

    » Take Me To Oyster

    The objective of this game is to lead the pearl to the oyster as fast as you can. Take the pearl to the oyster within the given timing. You have 10 difficult levels with 3 lives. Make sure that the pearl is not hit by the obstacles. If so, you lose your l

  • Cat And Mouse

    » Cat And Mouse

    Guide the mouse to eat all the fishes before the time runs out and find the exit to enter into next level. Avoid the dangerous cat on the way or you lose the game. Play all the levels to win the game. Use keyboard to interact.

  • Neon Ball Maze

    » Neon Ball Maze

    Drag the Neon ball to the other end without touching the neon tubes. If you do so, you are out of the game. Complete all the levels to win the game. Use mouse to interact

  • Cheese Eater

    » Cheese Eater

    Guide the mouse to eat the cheese and earn score. Finish the game within the given time limit. Play all levels and win the game. Use arrow keys to move the mouse.

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