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  • Chain Reaction

    » Chain Reaction

    An atom bomb is triggered by a chain reaction. Try to ignite a chain reaction here by yourself!

  • Carabao Strikes!

    » Carabao Strikes!

    Find and match the same colored blocks by using your mouse button. Beware of the colored blocks because only the red one has additional points. If you hit on milk, cow`s head and bread, you can also earn points.

  • Run Lil Broccoli

    » Run Lil Broccoli

    A little broccoli doesn`t wanna get cooked! Help him escape the cruel cook and avoid the bear traps!

  • Kiss Call

    » Kiss Call

    This lover wants to phone his girl. Fix the connection before time runs out.

  • Startris

    » Startris

    A classic remake of the famous arcade game Tetris but this time with a star color flavor!

  • Play Reds Rampage

    » Play Reds Rampage

    Collect as many gems as possible and don??t let the bandit steal them from you

  • Balloon Hunter

    » Balloon Hunter

    Shoot down the balloons before they get out of reach. Accuracy, timing and power are everything in this game.

  • Play Stress Relief Paintball

    » Play Stress Relief Paintball

    Shoot the smiley-faces throughout the office building

  • Tong

    » Tong

    You control your `tong` move it up and down to deflect the pea because know one likes peas. If you end up eating the pea you lose a point.

  • Onslaught

    » Onslaught

    Keep the invading hordes of enemies from taking over your castle in this middle age online game.

  • Tetris: Charity Edition!

    » Tetris: Charity Edition!

    I-Mockery is proud to present this charity edition of Tetris. Simply make it to level 3!

  • Crab Wars

    » Crab Wars

    Defend the crab territory from the attacking spiders! Help the crab to smash them with its claws.

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